03 June 2010

Tear Over Turtle

It's a silly thing.
I mean, what grown woman gets teary over a turtle.

Me, I guess.

Easy, Monkey . . . this is called a turtle.
He was in the road.
Take a look before we set him free.

And he looks and he laughs and I laugh too and . . . what?
I get choked up.
My father told me long ago that having a child is an adult's chance to grow up all over again.

Remember this:
summer days and sun on warmed tortoise shell,
the wonder of a new pet in an old cardboard box.

If you see a turtle somewhere in this world,
cross-eyed and with a shell painted pink,
it belonged to a little girl named Jessica Jordan.
Give it a kiss for me.

And fast forward twenty years to a boy and this moment.

Easy, Monkey, be nice.
Be gentle.

There will be many more for you, I'm sure.
And in twenty years, another.
And he bids the tangible memory farewell, a kiss to the shell and a squeal of delight.
And a welled-up eye spills over.
Laugh a little, cry a little.
A stupid turtle, this woman thinks, wiping dry a damp cheek.

A wonderfully stupid, lovely little turtle.
Thanks for bringing back an old memory.
And making a new one.


  1. Your father was so right. Having a child does alow us to grow up all over again. What a wonderful story to share. Thanks Jessica!!! And what a cute turtle, and might I add.... what a cute monkey :)

  2. Um...they are both so cute I'm tearing up!!!

  3. That was a beautiful story Jess, thank you for sharing! Makes me look forward even more to having a little girl or boy to share moments like that with. But first I have to make sure I can support him or her!

    <3 Hope you are having a wonderful week (and by the looks of it, you are)

  4. And I shed one too; you write beautifully, my dear. Thank you for sharing.



  5. What a lovely perfect moment. How nice to have photos of it and thanks for sharing.

  6. My eyes welled up from reading your beautiful words.
    What a wonderful experience to share with your son.

  7. That was an awesome blog post.

  8. This was one of my very favorite stories.

    Soak it up. Grow young all over again.