23 June 2010

The Way I See It

Dear Jess,

We are night and day, you and I.
Sometimes we fight as hard as we love.
In the day-to-day little moments of ordinary life,
it's easy to get lost in different points of view.
There are times when we look at the same thing and see it in opposite shades.

I shared with a friend about our increasing struggles.
There are two sides to every story, two sides to every coin, she says.

But it's the same coin.
And the same story.

I learn more and more during our life together that we are going to battle and, being artists and being us, those battles might be brutal at times. We'll look outward at the world and see a different landscape. Some days you might wonder why you ever got yourself into this mess called ME. You'll scratch your head and wonder why you made that decision, and I'll smile softly behind you, knowing you'll wonder soon why you ever wondered.

I know you question me a lot, and I second guess you just as often. It seems when I want to feel strong, you're falling apart. And when I need help standing, you're running ahead as fast as you can.

Funny how we share the mirror's reflection.

But despite it all, the ups and downs . . . know that I do love you. Most of the time. Well, okay, all the time. In a "You make me crazy" kind of way. You're an alright girl. And it's nice to know you feel the same about me.

We will be alright, you and I. Time will pass and we will continue to grow together, learn about one another.

You need to understand that there will be times when I need you more than anyone else. You need to stand by me if and when everyone else walks away.
You need to expect the best of me but be easy on me too.
And always look me in the eye.

. . . And I promise to do the same.

See you soon, my best friend friend and biggest foe,


  1. stop making me cry... =) that was so sweet...

  2. I love getting a glimpse of the world through your eyes. Life is hard. Life is good. Take care.

  3. Life IS a battle on many fronts. I have learned to find the balance within me, but it took MANY years. I have found an inner peace and I am sure that Jess and Rosy will come together too. But I warn you, you must keep them somewhat apart to keep that creative edge.

  4. WOW!
    that resinates with me....deeply
    never quite looked at it through those eyes....
    Cat and Catherine share the coin in my life...
    you have really given me something to think about today JJ
    love your thoughts
    love and light

  5. ps amazing pendant by the way! ; )

  6. thank you for the reminder. i sometimes forget the struggle between her and me is what makes our life and art worth the work.