13 July 2010

Sometimes I Think

. . . it's beautiful.
The flag and the fireflies and the alpenglow light.
A slight breeze.
The trees rustle.
There are Whippoorwills in this field.
My footsteps.
It's the kind of quiet that's made up of a thousand soft sounds.

Sometimes I visit for perspective.
Others, I have no idea.

I drive by this small graveyard in the middle of a field on my way into town,
and feel pulled in.
Pull over.
Don't know why, but I did it today.
Just for a few moments.

. . . Maybe because life itself is just for a few moments.
And I want to remember that as I make my way through it.


  1. love this JJ
    I too am strongly pulled by cemeteries....there is a deep beauty to them
    and I find great solitude there
    they also are the place were my camera loves to visit
    have a wonderful week!
    love and light

  2. ...every year when i travel home i always...always...pay a visit to the cemetery...no, i don't know a soul there...i just love looking @ how well they are cared for...& surrounding myself in the spiritual silence...