27 July 2010


Rain, rain . . . go away . . .
Or stay.
It's been too dry to be good.

It poured all afternoon.
Still is.
Alternating between a steadily soaking mist and an angry downpour.

It's washed away the heat.
{{And a bit of my work ethic.}}
I didn't get everything done that I had wanted to for the shop update tomorrow.
So it's being postponed until Thursday.

It was the kind of day where the traffic and the rain intermingle.
All tires and tread and horns and sloshing feet.
People scrambling to get inside.

Mothers with strollers, disappearing into the doorway of an "open" sign.
The only evidence left of them submerged, half-hidden, in puddles.

A pelting rain.
Beating the blossoms off the crepe myrtles.
Leaving crumpled confetti and pink pavement behind.

I love those rain storms that tear through town even as the sun refuses to stop shining.
And everything gets that unripe alpenglow light.

I was in and out of the studio.
Taking pictures.
Cooling off.
That's my hole in the wall, the upper canopy to the right of the photo.
Just above Ann's Diamond Center.
(Funny that I should find a studio space right over a fine jewelry store.)
I think the whole place looks kind of lovely in the rain.
Okay, construction cones aside.

I'm sorry for the delay in getting the shop updated.
I promise it will be Thursday, no exceptions.

I also wanted to say thank you for the amazing private convos,
the emails,
and the comments on Monday's blog post.
Your support and/or understanding mean more than you know.

Love to each of you.
Stay dry.



  1. we so needed the rain... my plants here in the quay were screaming for moisture. lovely post.

  2. rain has it's own way
    I love that about it
    JJ when ever it happens
    there will always be people to applaud and appreciate what it is you do!

    love and light