01 August 2010


I have the most lovERly Alice Istanbul coming into town to spend some time
creating with me,
and also am hoping to maybe sneak in a trip to the beach before the month is over.
Don't want to overcommit, and I find myself still behind on July's custom orders as it is.

I also think that as my work gets more involved and time-consuming,
I'll have to regularly cut back on the amount of orders I take.
I still need to time to play and ideate.
{{It's what makes me happy and keeps the work growing.}}
3 orders a month is probably going to be the new norm for me.
Just a heads up.
I know that's a huge jump from the twelve I said I'd take . . .
but I admittedly and TOTALLY underestimated the amount of time
that was going to go into that sort of work load.
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, you were right Sunny and Emily!)
*** Let this be a lesson in listening to our superiors.

so bring on the first three tomorrow!
If you need refreshing on how the process works,
click here

Have a lovely week, people!


  1. Oh joint metalsmithing?? I am so jealous! I wish I lived closer....ahem, or close at all!

  2. Jaime . . . it's like a metalsmithing-mom-girl's weekend- sorta thingy. We both need it. :) You come anytime you can!

  3. hey can you darken the text sweetie. my old eyes cant squint enough to do it justice. sorry... constantly, i have needs. xoxoxw.

  4. Replace "superiors" with "equals" and I'll agree whole heartedly! :) Its all about riding the rollercoaster that is the quest to find balance and oh how I love that we are riding it together!!! Love you sister :)

  5. Is there any chance that sometime you could take submissions in the PM instead of the AM? I can't access most of the interesting parts of the internet from work, and I'd love to be able to (attempt to) submit a request. Of course, it might not make any difference at all. :) Have a wonderful August.

  6. Jj - I had the pleasure of talking to Ms. Emily on the phone the other day and my oh my, I brought up the possibility of the three of us sitting at a table and talking and the hours that would fly by.
    And Emily said something about Blackberry Brandy.
    Can we make this happen, ladies?
    Massive hugs: your success is so deserved.

  7. Just a few more weeks. Let the countdown begin! I'm coming up there with silver, stones, and also canvasses and paint supplies. You bring the wine :)

  8. It's going to be so great for both of you, JJ and Alicia; I know you'll have a great time together; you're both amazing artists with great integrity, and I respect and love both of you!!!

    How long will Alicia be visiting???

    Enjoy every minute of creating, laughing, relaxing, etc.!!! I am 55 and just starting to learn that I have to steal the time to do this in order to stay cancer-free (My oncologist just told me I must this past Friday, believe it or not)!!! I intend to follow these orders. Life is short and so amazing.).

    xoxo, dear friends,


  9. sounds like a wonderful time...good for you!
    you have been busy lady so you just do as you can and that is all you can do
    and CRAP I missed the first again
    I seem to be having trouble remembering to put in my request until a couple days pass....oh my time will come!!!
    keep making the beautiful things you do and none of us will be going anywhere!
    love and light

  10. Then it's decided! It shall happen indeed.