20 August 2010


Must be the ice water.
Cold drinks make me cold.
I shake when I'm cold.

Being angry makes me shake too.
I'm cold and a little angry.
So, yeah.

Alright, I'm going to try to keep this simple.
I'm one of these who feels downright physically ill when they get upset
so pardon me in advance if this comes out a touch . . . intense.
(I'm too sensitive for my own good.)

(She pulls on a sweater and trades the water for wine.)

to all of my customers and potential customers . . .
I owe you an enormous apology.
I have not been clear regarding one portion of how my Etsy shop works:

If you see something on this blog,
previewed on facebook,
whatever . . .
and you want it,
you can convo me via Etsy or my personal email button over there to the right
and let me know.
I will do my best to make sure you get your name on it when it's posted in my shop.
I do this on a first come, first serve basis.

I thought that I had this clearly defined in my shop policies;
however, in looking over them tonight
(after receiving a livid email from a now former customer)
I see that I was not nearly as clear as I should have been.

So let me say it again:
As of right now,
I will honor the reserves for two days.
If you have not picked up and paid for your item after two days,
it will be relisted in the shop as a free-for-all item,
or if someone else has inquired about reserving it,
it will be passed to them.

I try VERY hard to be fair,
to work with everyone and make sure that you are all happy with your purchases
not only when you first get them but for as long as you have them.
I did not mean in any way to come across like I have "preferred" customers,
Like I value some of you over others,
or like I take any of you for granted.

Tonight, for instance:
I had two rings that had been inquired about by several people.
I went in the order of whom had contacted me first,
answering questions such as what size the rings were, how much, etc.
If the first person who inquired about the ring ended up not wanting it,
in an effort to be fair,
I moved onto the second person and gave them a shot before listing it in the shop.
It took awhile to get through those convos.
So the rings went up late, and were ultimately reserved.

My intentions were good.
But I can see now how this would cause waves for some of you who were unaware of my reserve policy.

Reserves I do as a service to my customers.
But maybe it's just more trouble than it's worth.
By allowing people to reserve items,
I'm not trying to "favor" them . . .
I'm trying to be courteous.
But maybe that's not fair.
Maybe the notion of reserves isn't a good idea at all.
Evidently, it at least has pros and cons.
I know some of you really appreciate reserves.
Others, not.
And I'll be honest, while I am still accepting them now,
I don't know that I will much longer.
What do you think?
What do I do?
(Obviously, JJ, communicate better.)

Many of you have written me privately over the past year or so and inquired about reserves.
While I have answered your questions personally,
I have not been consistent in being sure that new and potential customers are likewise made aware that this in fact something I do.
This is my fault, absolutely, and I apologize for any inconvenience, confusion, or frustration that it has caused.
I should have been a better business person than to overlook such a huge omission of information.
I am grateful that the convo I received tonight brought this whole issue to my attention.
In that respect, it was a much needed heads up for me.

(This is where Rosy kicks in.)

I resent being made out to be a shallow salesperson.
I resent being told that I have "bad" business practices.

The fact is, I'm far more artist than business person.
Sorry folks, that's just me.
I'm learning the business side as I go.
I'm 27. I've never taken a business class in my life.
I'm doing the best damn job I can and you know what?
I'm going to mess up.

And when I do,
I really appreciate those of you who offer up constructive criticism.
Who can candidly make suggestions,
ask questions, get me thinking.
Because I know I'm not going to do everything in the best way.
Customers and other artists alike could probably do a lot to educate me.
I don't claim to make the best jewelry around here and
I sure as hell don't claim to have all the business stuff perfected.


Writing me an incredibly hurtful and rude note,
saying I leave a bad taste in your mouth?
Saying I have made you furious and wasted hours of your life
while you waited for a ring that turned out to be reserved . . .

(She trades the wine for whisky.)

All you EVER have to do is send me a convo.
Ask me a question.
Or tell me what's on your mind.
No need to blow up at me and make me out to be a monster.
It's my art, my passion, and what I do,
and I love it with all my heart . . .
but the fact remains that this IS JEWELRY.
Not worth getting so upset over.

If your life is so amazing that what gets you furious and all bent out of shape is a ring . . .
A ring, by the way, that can always be remade,

well you've got it pretty damn good.



  1. don't let one person's nasty attitude get to you so much. so someone else got something she wanted. happens to all of us all the damn time. big deal. get over it. and stop being a bitch.

    i know i'll get my sugar skull. someday...


  2. p.s. don't let the bastards grind you down ;)

  3. Thanks, Angie. Everything sits right on my sleeve . . . maybe I should go topless? No wait, that's an even WORSE idea . . .

  4. It is great that your jewelry is in such high demand! Would it be less or more work for you to simply list an item with all the info and let the first person who pays take it? Too bad etsy doesn't have a scheduled listing feature, you could announce it ahead of time and let the race begin at noon! Seriously, i opt for less work for you, the customer base is there. Have a whiskey for me!

  5. 'Nuff said.
    You do great in my books, lady :)
    ...If it were me, i would not accept reserves. Sounds like more pain than it's worth. I agree with Tomi. First comer first serve. Unless someone begs to buy it in full before you list it :)

  6. Illegitmi Non Carborundum!

    Ps. I see angie just said this too, above! Hee

  7. Wow...I can understand that someone could be upset, but WOW. To say you leave a bad taste in their mouth? Yeesh. Some people are well...bad customers!

    Story...I had a pair of cabochons reserved under my name on Etsy, and another person saw them, signed up just to buy them, and bought them despite the "reserved for catherinechandler" title. I contacted the seller and very politely left a note like "hi there! I just noticed this...if it's possible to fix it, I would love those cabs still"...well, he wasn't able to fix it, and I didn't end up with the cabs, but SO WHAT. He made me new ones.

    The ring can be re-made. If this customer were a GOOD customer, he/she would have contacted you and Politely asked if you could make that ring for them as well, because they had really had their hopes set on it.

    Anyway...You are trying the best you can, and that's the best you can do. You're doing great!

  8. Oh for crying out loud!!
    First of all - what everyone else said above. Don't let them grind you down.

    Secondly - reserves are a pretty straight forward thing. OF COURSE you are going to go down the list. Of course!? How else could you do it? A lottery? *eye-roll*

    Thirdly - the customer was obviously mad because she didn't get the ring. That's her problem. She needs to get over it and move on. It is - as you say - only a ring! A gorgeous ring, but still just a ring.

    So sweetie, deep breaths. Open up and just let her words pass through you and don't loose any sleep over it.


  9. It is absolutely wonderful that you have such a devoted following, but I think that as your business grows even further, it's going to become *much* harder to keep track of all of that. That you had to dig through convos to map out prior reserves like that makes my head spin.

    IMHO, I think at this point in the evolution of your product and its audience, that particular system of reserving items is a little more trouble than it's worth, and that you should move to a "first-come, first-served" policy like Andes and Tomi suggested (with immediate payment--forget the two-days thing...).

    Keep up the good work, and don't let things like this shake you. ;-)

    BTW, I would LOVE to see you put a few of those pieces up on eBay and see what kind of bidding wars ensue... ::chuckle::

  10. And as a p.s. to the email I sent: I think you should do whatever is easiest for you--if you had to spend a lot of time sorting through convos and following up, maybe it's easier (will preserve sanity) to do as the others suggested: preview them here and on fb but let interested parties get to etsy if they want it (which should be less drama, esp. when you tell us the day & approx. time). And anyone who was a meanie to you-well, screw 'em!

  11. If you let this letter get to you, then she has accomplished what she set out to do! there will always be people who are obnoxious and rude-that is just a fact- I through the LEAVES from some strawberries I ate out my car window- LEAVES we are talking here, and a car followed me for like 10 kilometers to stop me and tell me what a blight on society and mother earth I was!
    So, remember that when someone tries to tellyou how your behavior is off in their opinion.

  12. I don't know you; I've just seen your shop on Etsy and been following your blog for a little while. But I feel like I *do* know you, because of what you share in your blog. It's easy to tell that you are a kind, thoughtful person - and I'm sorry that has gotten you in "trouble" with the former customer. The only thing I would say is that s spiteful email like that says so much more about THEM and THEIR ISSUES than it ever could about you.

    Keep on doing what you're doing and know that there are thousands of supporters out in the world for you. Don't let one person's problems taint your obvious love for creating and sharing those fantastic creations with the rest of us! *hugs*

  13. That is just unbelievable! As a seasoned Etsy buyer, and frequent RR customer, part of the fun of buying comes from the chase. You win some and you lose some. The extra time and effort of stalking a shop makes the jewelry even more special--especially yours. Hang in there, delete that email and be thankful she won't be wearing your work!

  14. Oh, and please know that I am patiently waiting for my chance at another "at the summit" ring... :)

  15. Hi Rosey
    I read all the time, but seldom post. I am compelled to comment on this post from the comsumer point of view.

    A seller that previews her work on her blog is marketing, so to speak. Its a sneak peek of what will become available to purchase. It whets the appetite, it builds the suspense, it feeds the obsession, it starts the thrill of the hunt.

    Too bad, someone read your blog first, raced over to etsy, the item is gone. If you want it bad, you convo to request a duplicate be made.

    You are so very talented and your work is unique, unlike any other. This non-customer has a hateful soul and unfortunately you will meet more just like her. Channel your energy to creative things. Read Thomasin's comment again.

    But, what do I know. Its your business and you will do what your heart tells you to. Seems like you're doing pretty damm well with it so far!!!!

  16. feck em Jess. If they don't like it, they can lump it. Do it by YOUR rules....

  17. Hey Jess, I have to agree with the gals who suggested you sell on a 'first come, first served' basis...it would be far less work for you, right? More time for creating, right?

    I also agree that the silly customer could have just requested a duplicate ring by custom order. She didn't need to be so nasty. You don't need her money...pffft to her!

    I've only been following your blog for a short time, but in that time it has become apparent that you and your work have quite a cult status going on! By the time I log in here in Australia, you have already updated blog and your Etsy store and it's usually sold out! LOL What a wonderful thing to be in such high demand...you rock :-)

  18. carol, ditto on blog marketing, etc.
    you'd think it would be rather straight forward..you are selling..first taker wins.
    but i also have been wondering about the reserve thing, i've got a lot of them going on.
    maybe the solution is to make twins, not identical but close enough, list one as No Reserve..
    new customers do need an opportunity to buy our work, which expands our business.
    but for the person who lost their cool and wrote that unfortunate note to you ,over a ring..hello...another one could've been made just for her.
    artist vs business..this is something we all deal with, it's difficult to juggle both.

  19. The sensitive JJ needs to step back and let the tough cookie, Rosy, step in and kick some ass. Never let anyone who talks to you like that upset you. If she/he knew what the hell they were talking about concerning "business practices" would know that the note they sent to you is completely unprofessional. Honey, I'm 41 and I'm still learning. We learn everyday, that's why we are human. Don't let it get the best up you. Big, huge, gigantic hug.

  20. hey gorgeous, I'm with Blue Piranha on this...finish with it now and move on, it will be such a waste of energy otherwise....energy you could be putting into creating such gorgeous creations as you do....it is a STEEP learning curve when you don't have business knowledge {and am sure there's much easier ways of doing things.....if ONLY someone would share!} BUT you do it 'cause you LOVE it and NOTHING should put you off this.....keep travelling that road gorgeous.....there's PLENTY out there who thinks differently to "the crazy one"!


    hello gorgeous xxx

  21. I have not made a purchase from you yet but when the time is right I hope to. I have been following you for quite sometime and always thought that your policies were VERY clear. I like the reserve policy, and again it is very clear and I feel fair. It seems that the Meanie, that wrote the nasty letter was just having a temper tantrum. Don't let it bother you, I'm sure you have lots of kind and good hearted customers........... and wouldn't you rather your creations go to a good home than to that of an angry person? I hope that you can shake this off and forget about it. xxoo

  22. Jess: SCREW that angry, rude so and so. People should be grateful and the possibility of getting a piece from you, not angry that they have been inconvenienced. No one made her wait. She is probably rude and ungrateful and self entitled in every aspect of her life. You don't need that. Don't let that bastard get you down. You are an artist who has a business. Not a businesswoman who sells jewelry. Her reaction is absurd. You have plenty of loyal fans. Don't worry about one ROTTEN egg! Big, warm hug! L~

  23. The most stressful customer situation I've had to date was over reserving an item, and from then on I've opted not to do reserves. I find that it's confusing and time consuming and somebody often feels like they got screwed and I hate that for everyone involved. Now I respond to inquiries about a new item with the answers to any questions and the information on when the item will be listed, then tell them I'll send a link when it goes up and wish them the best of luck. That way I'm not stuck in the middle and I always feel like it's fair.

    Just my approach, won't work for everyone, but reserves are tricky and can definitely cause hurt feelings in a heartbeat.

  24. as someone who has been a "long time fan"(relatively speaking), and a customer with a set of custom re-created and posted as RESERVED earrings scooped by another desperado for rosy-wares... i can only say, you need not worry. there are people pressing their noses into your store's virtual window for the next good thing.
    a convo is as good as it gets. you will be kind and honorable to make things right. i totally know.

    my question is, why as artists do we focus on the one knucklehead that is having a flamer moment, rather than the hundreds and dare i say quieter thousands looking at your work?
    just climb in off of that ledge of umbrage, rage and baseless guilt ... it is not about you. do not think one little bit that it is. self control is lacking in this other customer since he/she did not think for one moment that your store is your store. it ain't like it is nordstroms or walmart. it is ROSYREVOLVER... you set all the rules and stuff. cause it is yours. not for some big corporate place. YOURS AND YOURS ALONE. a place for you to display and sell your gorgeous work.

    no one needs to know how you come to your decisions. it is your choice. plain and simple. and heaven knows there are plenty of other artists out there. let this one go. it is not good for your creative juices and personal evolution. there is no reason to dwell on this. do what you do best... and get back to that bench or the monkey or the man... in no specific order. enjoy your incredible successes and know you are just plainly loved.

    just me, wendy

  25. oh, yeah, if i am so lucky as to have a customer ask about a piece upcoming in my store,,, or if they have missed out on something, i offer them first dibs on something similar. then they have the option to tell me to take a hike, it is not what they wanted. usually, they are inordinately gracious and accept or decline. it allows me the option without all the drama. and i am not nearly as busy as you are, so it works for me. you will find a great solution to this whole conundrum in the right amount of time. you always do, since you are so thoughtful and kind.
    good luck... love you... wendy

  26. You went out of your way to set up this system in an effort to please your customers. Geez, you do not want someone for a customer who sends such unwarranted negative energy your way. *hugs* I say, do your work, list it, and let the lucky first buyer be the lucky first buyer. You do not need or deserve these headaches. Focus on creating. :)

  27. You don't need a customer like that anyhow, I've never made any orders from you but you still continue to impress me. I don't know you personally but I do look up to you as an inspiration and I really hope that someday I can make jewelry as beautifully as you do!! Keep on Girl!

  28. Jess.......you do an awesome job with your shop.....I can't imagine someone getting shitty with you! It's their loss! It's your shop....you're the captain of your ship. You can't please everyone 100% of the time. Your policies are your policies.....that's that. Having worked with you in the past I know you will bend over backwards to satisfy your customers....making sure they are overjoyed with their purchase. Don't let someone's bitterness set you back. You are fair and gracious.....just keep being the wonderful creative force of nature you are! Hugs Sue♥♥♥

  29. One thing I've learned, both offline working retail and online selling, is that just like there are good buyers, there are bad buyers, too. You've gotten some awesome advice, and as a seller myself, I agree that maybe the reserve thing isn't good for you as a seller. It may be more trouble than it's worth. Ultimately, you have control so you get to decide.

    But I just wanted to pop in and say I support you - your work is amazing, and don't let anyone get you down!

  30. I think you should just list them and first come first serve.

  31. Girl...first you make ma laugh...water-wine-wisky!!! lol
    You are doing a GREAT job...I have watched your work EXPLODE and I KNOW you are doing you BEST...nothing but the best from ROSY that is a FACT
    truth is maybe high drama customers are not for you anyways...that is how I always look at it with my business...if you don't like the way I run it..maybe we just are not meant to do business together. No sense in getting nasty about it....that is for sure!
    for whatever it is worth I always leave here with a sweet taste in my mouth and any business dealing with you have been above and beyond!!!
    Keep up the good work JJ!

  32. Jess,

    Some people just aren't used to getting what they want all the time - consider all of this a lesson they can learn from. Throwing a tantrum like a two year old because you didn't get what you wanted after sitting around waiting (which by the way, was entirely HER decision, was it not) is not going to win you what you want.

    I'm proud of you for standing firm (thanks Rosy). I do think it's sort of ironic that all of it occurred during your "Stand Firm" ring posting session... just a touch of irony, don't you think?

    Anyway, have Keith take you out to some place nice. I'm positive you're not the only recipient of a nasty email that woman has sent out (or nasty treatment she's bestowed upon others). She'll continue to play the victim and you'll continue to win and earn the respect of other customers. Just keep on keepin' on.


  33. I can understand being disapppointed in not getting one of your gorgeous pieces. The necklace I bought from you, from the moment I saw it till the moment I put the order in for it, I was nervous someone else would get it.
    :-) But to email you and throw around such rude, insensitive things? Seriously? Some people have no sense of how to conduct themselves. As you said, you're trying and that's the best one can do. The reserve process, while it seems considerate, seems awfully time consuming. While I appreciate the trouble you go through, I'd lean towards phasing that out if you can. But then, I'm not a business person either so I have no real clue about any of this.

    In conclusion, your stuff is amazing and I love seeing what you create.

  34. Wow, so much positive feedback! I agree, don't let the bastards grind you down. 99% percent of our customers on Etsy are so lovely to deal with. But like everything in life, there's always got to be the odd jerk-off to keep things lively for us. We all have to deal with them once in a blue moon.

    Jess, you're a straight-shooter. You wear your heart on your sleeve, you tell it like it is. You're REAL. Your blog is REAL. That's what I love about it (and you). It's a refreshing change from some of the phoney-baloney stuff out there *wink*.

    Love ya, sister. 4 more days...

  35. Jess, I fear that in an effort to please everyone you are going to have less time to spend on actually making your jewelry. Look at the time it took you to write a lengthy post about a disturbed person who has no intention of purchasing your jewelry! Perhaps it would have been better spent in the studio. You have a nice new one, enjoy it.

    Do the best you can, learn from your mistakes and successes and get in that studio, pronto. I bet working in the studio will put things in perspective quickly. While you are at it have a Red Stripe beer for me.

    In time you will work out the bugs for your reserves just as you did with the custom orders. It will happen in it's own time, just as it did with the custom orders. In the beginning you set the target number of custom orders too high IMO. I suspected it was going to result in a grind that was going to stifle your creativity and exploration. I was not surprised when you amended your custom order policy. It was to be expected and it is also your prerogative.

    Learn as you go. Learn from others. Learn from your experiences. I've learned to choose the people/person wisely who I let change my course of direction...sometimes it can be a waste of time...just like the disturbed person who wasted your time. Did she really deserve a lengthy post on her poor behavior? Perhaps not.

    Just some thoughts.