12 August 2010

The Red Elbow-Length Gloves

Not as glamourous . . .
as it may sound.

It's a poison ivy rash.
From wrists to forearms to elbows and just beyond.

This is what happens here, evidently,
when one gathers large rocks from the woods in short sleeves,
and hauls them to the yard via wheel-barrow to become the border for her garden.


I thought I'd include a picture,
and then I thought . . .
Well that's just disgusting.

Been raving about it on FB for the past few days,
but woke up this morning and the itch was maddening.
I caved and went to the doctor as all the OTC products and recommended home remedies
haven't done a thing but dry out the few patches of skin that were perfectly fine.

Turns out I'm allergic.
A shot and a prescription for 12 days worth of antibiotics later,
and all will be well.
I should start shedding my gloves.

Until then, I might just put myself in a Benadryl coma until the worst is over.
Have NOT been productive in the studio the past two days because of this.
Haven't slept well
(I'm a great in-my-sleep-arm-scratcher, apparantly. I wake up torn apart and worse than ever.)
There were supposed to be things listed today, and yesterday for that matter.
A cuff bracelet.
A few other items.
But they will have to wait until next week.

I'm an itchy red mess, sort of crazed looking with glassy eyes and clenched teeth.
Bumpy red gloves to match my red hair.
Not pretty.

But the garden border looks fabulous.


  1. OMG... poor girl!

    Get better soon..... (I know too well about Benadryl induced comas.... allergies.... etc)

    Hang tight...

  2. Oh :( How terrible. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. So sorry...Zyrtec is a little less coma inducing for some people and just as good as Benadryl! You will be good in no time! : )

  4. Oh dear! That is NOT good :(. My husband also learned this the hard way when we were living in NC. He wore shorts while doing yardwork and making trips into the woods behind our house (also with wheelbarrow). He broke out in a HORRIBLE rash on a plane to Afghanistan (not a good place to have a full blown poison ivy rash!). Needless to say, I avoided the woods after that! So sorry you're having to go through this! I hope the meds kick in soon and give you some relief. Take care of you!

  5. Oh Jess! You are like me, I wouldn't have thought twice about it. I hope it heals quickly!

  6. Oh you poor thing!! I would break out whenever I touched poison ivy or poison oak, but I guess I just grew out of it. Now I just pull them out of the way get rid of them. I'm careful not to rub my eyes until I wash my hands, but I'm so glad that I'm not sensitive to it (right now, anyway).

    Hope you fee better soon,


  7. I feel so badly for you; I hope everyone pitches in and helps with the Monkey, so you can rest; I hate that oozing rash; it's one of the worst. I hope you feel better very soon!!!



  8. Leaves of three can be deeeadly. I'm not allergic but my business partner would catch it from her dog after it ran through it. You might just wash the Benidryl down with a little whiskey. Put socks over your hands first :)

    Hope the Dr. helps you to feel and heal better soon.

    xo, Ro

  9. I quit doing gardening because of the Poison Ivy....i used to get a patch of it...then it would spread throughout my entire body (systemically) from one spot, it traveled like it had a passport...and I can't not scratch. I pack of methyl pred put my ivy encounter to rest. Hope you're feeling better soon. Sue♥

  10. Thanks everyone! Feeling much better tonight. Should be great tomorrow.

  11. sorry
    call me crazy
    but I would love to see a pic of that!
    ; )
    glad you feeling better!

  12. oh no...so sorry to hear that! Hope the itch fades soon.

  13. Eek, sounds decidedly unglamorous...and downright horrible! Glad to hear that you're on the mend already. Here's hoping you're even better again tomorrow!

  14. Oh no! Naughty mother nature! She makes monkeys of us all eventually...
    Hope the maddening itch is fading; your public awaits....