23 August 2010

Sheepishly She Walks Back in the Room

Alright, I took the weekend.
I had donuts with my son.
With sprinkles.
(Proper southern girls eat their feelings.)
I bought a new bike and rode it all over the place.
Cheap lil thing, but I loved the color.
It looks like a beach cruiser, all spearmint and tan with the wide handlebars.
Very vintage . . . ish.
Needs a basket and a horn and a baseball card stuck in the back spokes.

Okay, maybe not.
Okay, maybe just a basket.

Anyway, the point is that I'm feeling so much better.
I stepped away from the blog for most of the weekend and was stunned at the response
I'd received when I came back to look things over.

Thank you all.

I get so stupidly worked up sometimes.
Admittedly, so stupidly worked up.

And yes, it has dawned on me how ironic it is that I let the situation over
grind me down!

(Rolling eyes, red cheeks.
She shuffles a foot and shifts her balance.)

Some days I'm all talk.
Other days talking it out would do me some good,
but I'm too busy acting on a whim.
You ever get that way?
We all do.
Something hits a nerve.
We react without thinking.
Is it worth getting so upset over?
The ring wasn't worth the customer getting so upset over.
A customer getting so upset over a ring wasn't worth ME getting so upset over.
So who I am to say anything, I guess.
Now that I've calmed down it's sort a silly string of events.
Ah, Rosy.
When will you learn, child?

I can't thank you all enough for the advice,
the perspective.
You puts some good thoughts in my head and a smile on my face.
Those of you who wrote me privately amazed me.
Those who came out of the woodwork to share or shake hands with me,
that was just lovely.
Those of you who have been here all along . . .

It's an odd thing,
feeling sentimental about people you don't really know.
Maybe with creative juice comes that excessive sensitivity?
Is that where it comes from?
I've always been so sensitive.
It serves me well and will also be the death of me, I'm sure.

Sometimes it's easy to write because you never know if anyone's really out there reading.
It's easy to say too much.
At least for girls like me who can really wind up and go.
So thanks for not tuning me out when I get a bit too loud.

Thanks for unfolding me when I feel too small.

I have honestly met some of the most amazing people through this blog.
Through Etsy.
That should always be my focus.
So among all the other things you gave me Friday,
thanks mostly for that reminder.

What's the saying?

Barn's burnt down . . . now I can see the moon.

With great warmth,


  1. Donuts with sprinkles...quite healing, glad the storm's over! ♥Sue

  2. XO
    You are so real Jess, and that is nothing to feel sheepish or stupid about.

    PS - feel free to send one of them sprinkle donuts this way - this girl is pretty familiar with the whole eating your feelings thing.

  3. Oh, I have such a soft spot for you, Jess. You're just...wonderful.

  4. I really admire that you can say what's on your mind and that you put it all out there. I'm learning from you. I think I censor myself too much.

    Glad you're feeling better about it. A few days away gives us so much perspective.

  5. Good for you. A sprinkled donut can do wonders. I'm guessing that disgruntled potential customer had let the bastards grind her down to the point she felt like you had tap-danced on her last nerve. No matter how hard you try, some folks are just going to interpret words differently than they were intended. You've had a good learning experience and you'll be just fine.

  6. I love your spirit Kid!
    You are a special bird....you and Rosy both ; )
    love and light to you

  7. sometimes, you just feel like you can let too much of yourself out of the bag. it doesn't always feel like the most proper forum to vent on the net, but it is good to vent somewhere.
    sometimes you just need to let the world hear what you gotta say. whether it is a roar or a whisper.
    sometimes you can adjust your perspective, even if only its a teensy bit.
    taking a chance can let you know when how much you are loved.
    sometimes that is a better result than the original issue.

  8. I LOVE the fact that we can write like there's nobody reading.....it allows for thoughts to just unfold....the bonus is that we get something in return ;o)

    Here's to happy times sweetpea!


    hello gorgeous xxx

  9. So nice you are feeling better! There is nothing wrong being honest :) Have a fabulous week!!

  10. ps...
    go with the basket!
    you need somewhere to cary your water, wine, and whisky!

    ; )

  11. Willows in the wind catch the spiders sometimes.

  12. Glad your feeling better Jess ~ I can so go with you on the sensitive issues lol ~ :}