30 August 2010

We Were a Grand Pair

I did a lot in excess this past weekend.
I Laughed.

Y'all know Alice,
the talented artist behind Alice Istanbul Designs.
A dear friend of mine and one of the realest, strongest, warmest women I know.

She came from Atlanta for a little quality girl time and some creative head-banging.

We spent most of the weekend in the studio.
Seems we work in the same medium but don't do anything the same way.
There were a lot of raised eyebrows.

Yes, really. I do it this way.
Oh. Well I do it this way.

Her daughter and my son are one day apart in age.
I tell her that one day we'll be in-laws.
Fitting since we already have a rather sister-like relationship.

I tell her to speak up.
She tells me to calm the hell down.

Her exterior can be boiled down to simply this:
A beautiful smile.
The best arms a woman could ask for.
She could give up metal-smithing to be a fitness model any day.

We went into Raleigh.
I took her to my favorite flea market and to see the best stash of rusty cast iron this town has to offer.
We spent the better part of Sunday morning dipping
into bins of cast iron and painted tin.

She found a few things to take home.

What else?

We painted.
(I can't paint.)
We spoke about everything.
Shared secrets.

Banjo made a friend.

I got her to try fried pork skins before she left.
And Carolina barbecue.

(Don't let her fool you; she loved it.)

I think friendship,
the real kind . . .
is rare.

I'm thrilled to have two or three solid relationships that I know will stand strong
through my own weaknesses and time's endless testing.

I'm starting off the week refreshed.
Feeling thankful and inspired,
more sure.
More aware.
A bit lighter.
Yet very full.

Good girlfriends.
Hold tight to these.
They're priceless.

Oh . . .
and she's having a giveaway right now.
{I got to see the prize in person.}

Happy Monday everyone!

PS: You can see Alice's post on this past weekend over at her blog.


  1. wow- am i ever envious of your weekend together! I long for a friend who gets what I do, who shares the same passions and thoughts on life. How special!
    much love

  2. Sweet :) you guys are so cute.

  3. I love the new cut and color!! So awesome and so fun! Sassy too!

  4. Jaime and Andes, y'all come anytime.

  5. Thanks Janel! I'm still not used to it.

  6. Looks like so much fun - what a gift to find new friends who turn out to be such a good fit. Love the hair! Have a good evening, I'm off to check out Alice's blog:)

  7. Fried pork skins got sampled...you got a true friend there! I bet you can paint too...give it some time. Glad to hear a great time was had by all!

  8. oh you went for it ( the hair I mean!)....love it...gives you some 'je ne sais quoi?"......

    Alice says on her blog that distance transcends...it really does...you two are lucky to have found each other...a friendship like that is precious! :)
    such fun!

  9. I need some of tha 'je ne sais quoi? too!! Your cut is so so becoming. Man your eyes are beautiful!!

    I love Alice work too. Now I gotta run over there and see HER post.

  10. I'm so glad that y'all had fun, but I'm sure that's no surprised to any one. One day I'm going to make the short trip from Durham to F-V to see your new studio.

    Are you headed to Durham for Centerfest? Let me know because I'd love to stop by & see you again. Maybe I'll bring more candy...you know, to keep up your strength.


  11. That looks like just about the best girly weekend ever...you two are so lucky to have found one another :-) Here's to many more fun girly weekends soon!

    Btw, you are rockin' that new haircut, Jess! Suits you down to the ground! I'm so happy to see that you're taking some time out to look after YOU...you know, painting your nails 'n all that ;-)

  12. Susie: Thanks for the hair comment! I feel much lighter.

    DH: I actually can't believe she tried one. Keith loves 'em but I have never in my little life gone near one of those suckers. Yuck.

    Kerin: I did! I hadn't had a chance to write you yet. It's going to take some getting used to but I'm loving the short prep time in the mornings. Still startling myself a bit when I look in the mirror though. And Mason cried when he first saw me . . . he didn't know who I was right away.

    Carol: Wow, thank you! My eyes are my favorite part of me- got my dad's eyes. Thank you for stopping by and such kind comments!

    Pam: Not doing Centerfest. Done with shows for awhile and actually need to sell my booth set-up. But come to Fuquay! There's a pink couch calling your name. . .

    Belinda: Thank you so much. Yes, I'm getting better at the "me" thing. Funny how I used to be "too" good at it, then became a mom and forgot how to do it at all. Finding my balance and a big smile.


  13. How fun...I like how you are planning for the future of your daughter and son : ) Let's not forget that she has the most gorgeous curls too, in addition to all sorts of other beauty, and you yourself too! Have fun! xo

  14. Oh to have been a fly on the wall!!!!! Sigh :)


  15. My husband and I love to go to the stand you have pictured above of the cast iron stuff at the flea market. We have found that he changes his price according to who asks... So we grab a lemonade on the way in and sit and make bets on what prices he's going to give to what people. This is great fun on a beautiful day and we LOVE the flea market. Glad you had a good weekend, I know you were due.

  16. MLJ: Yes, I think my future daughter in law in a lovely little thing, just like her mama! Very true about Alice's curls, among other attributes.

    Sunny my Sailor: You should have not been a wallflower. You should have been there laughing with us! We talked about you a lot. Wink.

    Izzy: I know! He admits to doing it too! He gave Alice a "break" on her stash of goodies. (What a shocker.) When are you coming to the studio?

  17. Outstanding! You two deserved this special weekend together. You are both wonderful women who work very very hard. I am so glad you became sisters. By the way, is there room for an Aunt in this family? I'd like to apply for the job!!! LOL!!!


  18. You look very French in your haircut!!

  19. oh this just fills my heart!!!
    nothing like women coming together in friendship