27 September 2010


I'm lucky.
Do you know that?

I'm gathering tokens.
Tangible bits of distant friendship.

There are people who are the kind of strong we wish we could be ourselves.
There are those who move us, who make us laugh.
And inspire us.
And cheer us on.

Others have ears and hearts the size of oceans.
Safe waters where we can wade in and fear no riptide.
Havens of endless sunlight.
They give us a bird's eye view of this life when we zero in on our own petty issues.

Many of those who have been such things for me
are ones I've never seen face to face.

It's a thrill and somewhat surreal to receive parcels
in the mail from these ghost friends.

To touch something they've touched.
To hold something they've held.

Kelly sent a few stones my way.
And though I don't usually tend to make myself things,
I see a setting wrapped around this river rock.
A future home for it on my finger.
And another finding a home on hers.

It's like peace and perspective found me.
A bit of Umber along for the ride.

* * *

And now there is thick leather strapped to my wrist.
Like a firm grasp, a helping hand, from a supportive friend.

A hug in tooled leather.
It warms me.

Gathering tokens.
Souvenirs of those whom I feel have a real space for me.
Who fill a space in me.

. . . and make me smile.


  1. SOB!!!!!!!!!

    Running for tissue.

    You'll never know what this post means to me, never.

    xoxoxoxoxoxox and then some,

  2. WOW - what special connections and sweet tokens. ( I have dug those river rocks of Kellys since first sight, and I *know* I will own some of Allisons work someday. Just like it is in the plans to have an original RR piece!)
    Its a very special thing indeed. I wish I had a pen pal just so I could watch the mail box for things other than bills and supplies lol. There is something so much more intimate about receiving a letter or package, verses an email.


  3. Love...Such heartfelt sentiment. I purchased one of Kelly's prints a couple of weeks ago,and it has found a home near my desk, a reminder to be here and be now. I wondered who found the blue birds, I considered messaging her and then hesitated. It suites you. Take care, wishing you a wonderful week:) I never realized there were so many fabulous strong creative women- I wish I could fly everyone out for a weekend.

  4. I'm having a really bad day. Grumpy all 'round kind of day.
    Thought I'd open my computer and see what I could find to open my mind and my spirit to a little bit of sunshine.

    Found it here...

  5. Beautiful words, Jess. You know, you too are all those things to your far away friends.
    The internet's an amazing thing...

  6. I know you are on cloud nine...enjoy enjoy ...you got yourself beautiful friends and lovely goodies! xo

  7. ...call it LUCK, call it FORTUNE...you have a wealth of collectable LOVE all around you...xoxo!

  8. jess-
    you are one of those people to me.
    a distant friend that inspires me, someone i cheer for, someone i see so many good qualities in that i wish for myself.
    thank you ghost friend, for your encouragement and support from day one. one day i'll make you something to show you my gratitude.

    you are so beautiful and talented.

    xols :)

  9. Full.
    Full to the brim. That's my heart.

    The truth is, there is SO MUCH blessing, and so much kinship, and I feel like the words you wrote could have come out of my own mouth.

    Big hugs, because I have a wingspan six feet wide,
    - K

  10. You seem to be a strong woman headed in a good direction flying high above the little puddles of mud lying around on the ground fly higher little bird and you shall find a haven just for you, to laugh at the little mudpies lying around.

  11. ahhhhhh this makes me grin ear to ear....so much it HURTS!!!!!
    busting at the seams.....
    you will have to keep an eye on your mailbox to know why!!!!!

    your are a dear sweet soul!

    love and light

  12. ps lovely gifts ladies...a reflection of your warm hearts!

    ahhhhhhhhhhh it is good!

    love and light

  13. Your words hit the heart head-on! Brava! Thank you.

    JJ, that's why I wear your work daily -- to feel like I'm carrying tokens of your strength and love; the spirit of a strong woman I love and admire. Thanks for being YOU.xoxoxo!

  14. Received several adages with accompanying images in my "inbox".
    Loved this one...

    To the world you may be just one person;
    But to one person you may be the world!