01 September 2010

Happy Decisions

This post is a little late getting up today . . .
It's been busy in Rosyville!

I'm in phase two of moving the business out of the house.
Moving the studio was huge,
but having the computer, the packaging and shipping supplies,
the filing and bookkeeping all still at the house
was a pain.

When a little room right by my studio was vacated,
I snapped it up.
So since Monday,
I've been painting again,
moving boxes, getting organized, and trying to get the technical aspects of
wiring a computer into a 1906 building all figured out.

But I'm officially home-free!
Working completely in my little pair of rooms downtown.
Out of the house.
I feel . . . proud.

Anyway, such growth has prompted me to really think hard
about what I want for the future of my little business.
What I want for me.

And I've made some decisions.
There are some changes that need to be made
both from a business perspective and for my own general happiness.

Which is not to say at all that I am unhappy.
But we all have things we'd like to adjust, right?

For numerous reasons,
some of which will remain unexplained here,
a couple of things are going to change.

I will no longer be accepting reserves.

Secondly, we have some lovely news!!!!
Charlie is due with her first child, a boy, in October!
(We keep meaning to blog about it and share pictures,
but it never seems to be the right time.)
She will be leaving me for two months,
during the busiest season of the year.
This means that I will be back to doing all the filing, packaging and shipping,
accounting and errand running that she helps me out with now.
And such things eat away at studio time.

I'm having a hard time keeping the shop stocked.
A great problem,
but I think it's largely due to being busy with custom orders.
Even taking only a few requires an immense amount of time.
Again, something I'm learning as I go . . .

This is what I want:
I want to make on a whim.
I want to make what I imagine without putting that imagined piece on hold for awhile.
I want to make for fun.
Out of passion.
I want to have bigger shop updates more often!
I want to learn new techniques and not make the same things over and over again.
I want to push myself.
To see growth like I haven't seen in me before.
I want to go in to work everyday,
Excited to be there.
Doing my thing.
For me.

So . . .
Until further notice,
I'm not going to be taking on new custom orders.
This is the right decision for me.
And I really believe, in the long run, for my little shop as well.
And those two facts, really, are all that matter.

And just in typing these words, I feel a bit liberated!
Excited at the prospect of what my hands will do when left to their own devices
for an uninterrupted stretch of time.

I've chopped off my hair.
I've changed up my studio and office space.
Gotten spaces that are fully my own.
I've read a few books.
I've painted my nails and just had an amazing weekend with a great girlfriend.

I'm doing more for me.
This seems to be a natural next step.
I'm excited.
And I hope I have your support.



  1. you always have my support honey. i am very happy for charlie too. you guys make it all happen... for the rest of us to just dream about.
    love you and your choices to bits.

  2. YAY!
    congratulations on the studio space!
    And on decisions that feel *right* inside.
    You will do well, even better than before - with the desire to grow and learn and change xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Fantastic! Congratulations on the additional studio space! Your husband must be nearly as proud and thrilled as you are.

    It totally makes sense about the reserves and custom orders...you are in a position to leave both behind, and maybe revisit them later if you want to. I'm so excited for you and I can feel your happiness at freedom reaching right through the 'net.

    Can't wait to see what you do next!!

  4. Awesome post! I can't wait to see what you come up with lady! Kudos for doing more for yourself!!!! You deserve it!

  5. Good for you Jess, as your business grows you will need to make these decisions, and realize that you will be able to please everyone, but you should always try and please yourself ( boy, does it sound like I should be telling myself this??)

  6. Good for you! Brava!
    Congrats to Charlie!

  7. Total support in your direction!! And cheers to all of this wonderful news....

  8. yes yes and YES! i love this post and where you are and where you're headed! and maybe with no custom orders (which i despise doing by the way for some of the reasons you listed), you'll have more time to PLAY with me. =)

    keep on movin' up!

  9. I'm cool with it, afterall....you are major of Rosyville! Wishing Charlie the very best!

  10. You have my full support! I like the changes!

    Wishing you a wonderful, successful rest of the year my friend!

  11. I hereby dub you Queen of Kickassery, and I will go on record as supporting all of these decisions. More power to YOU YOU YOU, for you are made of WIN.

  12. Absolutely! It's your business, run it your way. I personally get bogged down with custom orders so I don't take them, either.

  13. Congratulations to Charlie and the soon to be newest member of the RosyRevolver family!

    I am so excited for you as you embark on new adventures and dream up new ideas. You're the boss applesauce (as my little Lu would say), good for you for for knowing what makes you happy, especially important since its not just your job,its your life.

  14. Congratulations on the new space! Congratulations to Charlie! And a great big "You Go Girl!" for doing what's right for you and your business. I kind of knew it was coming, and I'm glad you're making these changes. You will feel soooo much better! Custom orders are great, but not all the time. Sometimes you need to just be creative. Go get 'em, tiger :)

  15. congrats to charlie! you absolutely have our support. i know for those of us waiting to increase or RR collection, the right piece(s) will come to us. nothing but love from the great white! :)

  16. Good for you! Take charge and run your business the way you want to. That's the whole point of working for yourself, right? Can't wait to see what new things you create.

  17. Will you still post previews on your blog?

  18. Congrats to Charlie and to you for taking another big business step ~ I envy you (I still enjoy custom orders but I don't think I have as many as you lol!!!)

  19. This is how is SHOULD be!
    keep coming from your heart and keepin' it real!

  20. Thank you SO MUCH everyone for the support!!
    I was nervous to post this . . . but what a reception.

    And yes, I will still post blog previews. Yes, yes, yes.

    A hug to each and every one of you kind and caring women,

  21. will you be able to re-size rings without having to do custom orders? There are many I want and don't buy because they aren't my perfect ring size...and I'd really like to buy some :)

  22. i am thrilled for you.
    be strong and stubborn and creative.
    i am excited to see the new growth in your work.

  23. Congrats on all the wonderful things happening, J.J. ! All so exciting :)

  24. Seems like all of your ducks are marching in order...congrats on the new do, the new studio, charlie...what a place to be, to create just out of passion...xo

  25. Congrats to Miss Charlie & to you, Jess!! I think you've made the best decision you could have made for yourself. I'm looking forward to seeing your new pieces & watch you take flight.


  26. You go girl - you got to do what's right for you. Glad you recognized what it was. Good luck. Congratulations to Charlie.

  27. I want everything you want! You've inspired me to aim for the same. I am not at the place with my business, where I can do these things, my custom orders support A LOT of my other work. But reading your thoughts was like looking into a mirror of my brain. Which feels good no? :) Thanks for this. I would wish you good luck, but you obviously don't need it. You got skills!


  28. MY support is there too....and Congrats out to Charlie and her family.... I love that you are living for YOU! Keep blazing the trail!

  29. So many great things happening. Fantastic!
    I can't wait to see what you create.

  30. You guys make my face hurt. Smiling. :))))))) Thank you SO much.

  31. YES YES YES!!!!!! Go get that world, girl!!!!


  32. Rosy Rocks
    J.J. is Brilliant
    So all is good in rosy Revolver World!
    love love love it

    love and light brave girl!

  33. What a ride. You have had a liberating year. Kudos to you!

  34. I've been a fan of your work for a while, and I'm sure the changes a right for you.

    Your Etsy shop is closed will there be anywhere online I can see and buy your work now??

    (I hope so, been saving a while :))

  35. Love this post! I totally feel this way but have been too chicken to let go of what I perceive as the bread and butter custom orders. But I am feeling stale and I have a sketch book(s) of unfulfilled jewelry days dreams. And what makes it worse is when I come across someone who made an item similar to one of my sketches it makes me kick my self for not just doing it. I have decided that yes, after this holiday season, I will change my business philosophy as well. I will make what I love and put it out there. Thank you for your words.