11 September 2010

Simple Settings Strong Statements

The stones are among some of the most lovely I've ever worked with.
I just didn't think they needed more than simple scallops to embellish them.
Picture frames for the art of the earth:

A Landscape Jasper that holds true to its name-
a bright sky above coral sands.

An Imperial Jasper that looks like the sun rising behind mountains.
Linear and deep, with slender strips of druzy tracing its contours.

And a turquoise that gleams.
I'm a sucker for a good green turquoise.
One with high gloss and rich color.

I'm not normally one of these that gets moved to tears over stones,
but I must say:
These three are special.

Say it Softly Ring- Landscape Jasper
Alis Volat Propriis
"She flies with her own wings."
A statement on strength, substance, and self-reliance.

Say it Softly Ring- Royal Imperial Jasper
Collige Virgo Rosas
"Gather, girl, the Roses."
A statement on celebrating youth and living in the moment.

Say it Softly Ring- Turquoise
Esse Quam Videri
"To be, Rather than to Seem."
A statement on being authentic, real, genuine and proactive.

Which reminder do you need . . .

In the shop randomly throughout the day.

Happy Saturday, everyone.
Hold tight to those dear to you.



  1. Holy AMAZING! I love the scalloped edges, but I love the surprises on the back even more. You just keep outdoing yourself, don't you. You take it all (this metalsmithing stuff) to a whole new level.

  2. I just read your Etsy description of the turquoise one. Love you, dear Jess.

  3. They are all simply sublime, Jess! Sometimes the simplest piece has the loudest voice, no... :-)

  4. absolutely love everything about these lovelies. the construction, the simplicity of design, the secrets between maker and wearer.

    ever-inspiring...ever in awe of your endless well of creativity.

    play on, friend.

  5. fragile strength, the balance of knowing where to stop and where to embellish - gifts you share as you create your beautiful, meaningful work...

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  7. I feel the same way as Hothouse Posey does!
    You're an incredible artisan and love the private messages as part of your design.

  8. ahhhh you rock!
    your hair cut is just too darn cool!!!!