02 October 2010

Late to the Party

So yesterday was one of those days.
You know the kind . . .
when your camera battery doesn't want to stay charged
for more than ten minutes at a time
(new battery will be purchased tomorrow)
and the dog decides to,
while you're busy fussing with the camera,
eat all the crayons in The Monkey's art bin
and then have severe (although quite colorful)
diarrhea for the rest of the afternoon,
and you're upstairs over a jewelry store
so you're rushing to get him down the stairs and out the door,
but he's part terrier so
a) he doesn't listen too well
b) he has to poo in little circles rather than standing still like a sane animal.

One of those days.
(Actually, things have been going pretty well,
so I figure I was overdue.)


So please pardon the late arrivals!
I wrapped up my photography this afternoon in between frequent bouts of battery-charging.

All done now.
Here we are.

* * *

Still Life Ring
{Sterling Silver, Fossilized Coral}

* * * * *

We Balance Earrings
{Laguna Agate, Citrine, Sterling Silver}

* * * * *

As the Earth Does Necklace
Temet Nosce . . . "Know thyself."
{Turquoise, Sterling Silver}

In the shop tonight.
But first . . . Greek Salad.



  1. INSANELY gorgeous!!! (Sent you an email...)

  2. I like the "bump" on the bottom of the still life ring. It reminds me of a ring a lady showed me some years ago. Her fingers "shrunk" and rather than have the ring resized the conventional way, she took it to a jeweler who added "bumps" inside the ring along the ring band to make the ring smaller. She said she did it so that if she had to have it resized again because it was too small all she would have to do was have the jeweler remove the "bumps" therefore not compromising the stucture of the band. Kinda cool!

  3. Must be something in the air! I thought I would drop by to read your blog while I had the time. I am waiting for the bathroom rugs to finish washing so I can put them in the dryer. Seems my new puppy Iggy decided on Saturday to forgo the paper in the other bathroom and visit mine instead. It sounds like I might have had an easier time of it! ;-) Cheers to all the dogs out there who find ways to fill up our days!

  4. Wow, I especially love that first ring. Beautiful! Hope Banjo's feeling better, that rascal.

  5. Fossilized coral is one of my favorite stones of all time, and that ring is a masterpiece.

  6. have left something on my blog for you ;o)

    hugs xxx

  7. WOW
    of course...so worth the wait
    I don't even feel like i waited at all come to think of it!!!lol
    That necklace is gorgeous..it really speaks to me!
    The ring and earring rock too!!

    love and light busy girl!

  8. Stunning, all of it! (and thank you for not showing pics of the technicolor pup output!)

  9. Thank you so much everyone! *bit o' blushing*

    Coco- Oh no!!!! How is it possible to love them so much when they can be SO disgusting. On the other hand, why does this surprise me when I am, after-all, married?

    HG- Wow! I'll give that some thought and come up with a few things to post.

    Mellisa- You are VERY welcome! Not really my kind of photography. :) HA!

  10. Gorgeous pieces as always. Loved the story about the rainbow-colored poo :-).

  11. Jess....love your descriptions....and when it rains it pours! Crayons...go figure...hope Banjo's better now and your new pieces are slammming!

  12. Sandi- Thank you! I live in a house of boys, so a poo story seems downright normal. Hopefully it wasn't too offensive! :)

    DH- Thank ya lady! At least it was crayons and not something worse. :) Banjo's curled up right by me as I type this . . . snoring. I think he'll be just fine . . . spoiled mongrel. HA!

  13. Those are just gorgeous! I think my favorite are the earrings. :)