07 October 2010

My Whizbang Head

I'm downright non compos mentis this week.
Try to keep up with me as I write what might be the most bizarre post of my blogging life.

* * *

I can't slow down!
And for all my rushing, I've not gotten anything significant accomplished.

The first few weeks of cooler weather always seem to do this to me.
I'm suddenly more alive
after the weighty blanket of summer heat has been hustled away by the fall breeze.

But that resurrected life is almost too much at first,
and I find myself more manic than anything in these early autumn days.

{Don't worry.
This will, per usual, eventually give way to a more reasonable pace and productive energy,
rather than the hyperactivity and zany chaos that I'm reduced to now.
The key is waiting it out . . . frantically and with great gusto.}

I've been in the midst of a creative block.
A blankness when it comes to my jewelry.
Creative energy has been whipping around in my head
but without a vessel to contain and define it.
Therefore I turn to other things.
I seek out recipes.
Pour over paint swatches.
(Should I paint the bedroom again, I wonder?)
SOMETHING to appease the creative itch I can't quite scratch.

I want to DO something.
MAKE something.
But nothing has been present in terms of my usual medium.

So instead I've cut and glittered paper bats with The Monkey.
Strung cranberries and popcorn into garlands for the birds.
Made roasted beet, apple and cheddar tarts.
Planted bulbs.
Stitched and stitched and stitched
(more on that later)
and begun reading a new book.
I'm also . . . mmmmm . . . researching how to make my own apple cider.

And as far as jewelry goes . . .
there are a zillion ideas for things I cannot execute yet.
I new line I want to introduce early next year.
Thoughts on production work.
Items I need to order,
and do I have enough packaging supplies for the holidays?
Check the gas, check the acid.
I want raffia ribbon and a white-inked stamp pad.
Wow, this blog format needs to be updated.
How long has that banner been up there,
nearly a year now?
RR needs a facelift.
I'd like to do a video blog soon,
and my camera should really be cleaned.
When was the last time I uploaded pictures to Flickr or updated my personal website?

In typical female fashion, my brain is overheating.

It's all very exciting in a sort of i-want-it-done-now kind of way.
Do you ever get overrun with creative juice?
I'm sort of drowning in it this week,
jumping around in puddles of it and just generally making a big mess.

But . . . I'm having fun.

in all my puddle jumping,
I finally broke through the block that was keeping
my jewelry ideation vessel empty
of said juice.
Finally came up with some new {worthy} ideas just this morning!
(That's me singing in a victorious fashion.)

Nothing is finished, nothing is ready.
Rather, I have a huge pile of morsels on my bench,
waiting to be whipped up into something sturdy and savory and cohesive.

Gosh, something with balsamic vinegar and a hearty crunch sounds
awfully good right about now.

Where are my embroidery needles?

* * *

Get your Autumn on, lovelies.

With love and (perchance just a bit too much) juice,


  1. Um . . . okay, so I didn't mean that embroidery needles would be tasty with balsamic vinegar on them, though they certainly WOULD be crunchy.

    It was a chain thought . .

    Oh whatever. It's called "A Newfangled Rhetoric" for a reason, right? Right.

  2. I love that autumn fills you so full of energy. Glad you found a way to channel it :)

  3. I always called that frantic fall energy nesting. The urge to make fruit butters and fill the house with the smell of pears and spices.

    Enjoy fall. It has finally arrived out here in the desert in the form of a cool breeze and double digit temps (but fall, nonetheless)!


  4. Uh, roasted beet, apple, and cheddar tarts? Yummmmmm! Post THAT recipe. :) and if you did all that in a weekish and came up with new ideas, I'd say you are doing alright.

  5. You've got your Autumn Groove on. Relish in it, enjoy it! And now, thanks to Sabine, I have the urge to fill my house with the smell of pears and spices. :D

  6. Rock on! I can't wait to see what emerges from all the creative chaos. :)

  7. Wow this sounds like EXACTLY how I feel when I've been pregnant! I'm not saying, I'm just saying..... :)

  8. i'd like a shot of that energy/creative juice right about.......now!


  9. That would be crazy procrastination energy(knowing where you need to be but not being ready mentally....where your focused on everything and everywhere except where you want to be. Self inflicted pressure can do this to me. Sometimes you need to go thru that to breakthru to get to where you ended up....a good place where your creative energy is ready to blossom. Those journeys without steering wheels are always so scary but you manage to get off the bus safely. Maybe figure out how to make your cider and call it a day! Hugs, Sue

  10. LMAS you crack me up girlfriend!!!!
    Ahhh I have been there many times myself, and you are so right Autumn does seem to stir things deep with in.
    Can't wait to see what comes out of this all for you!!!
    love and light

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  12. whoops I can't type!

    Love this post, LOL!! So that's what it's called!...Whizbang head!!! I got me a very large case of this myself lady!!! I'm painting pictures that are "stuck in my mind" (I've NEVER painted a canvas before but the urge has been SOOOO strong, I just have to!) and doing this and that and little tidbits over here and more over there...am feeling good because I feel like I'm productively busy but then I realize I've hardly gotten anything done! LOL! I just thought it was related to being postpartum & crazy-like! haha! Good to know I'm not the only one! ;o)

  13. I giggled all the way through this post since it's exactly how I've been feeling this week. We're out of the triple digits and suddenly I'm motivated to do EVERYTHING right now. Here's my list -

    Prune trees
    Finish laying brick patio
    Hang hammock
    Hang tire swing
    Find the perfect tire for above swing
    Tile bathroom
    3 pieces of furniture to refinish

    If only I didn't have to work a full time desk job I might actually get some of this done!!

  14. I felt the frenzy in that post! :) Enjoy the change of seasons and post pictures of some of that other fun stuff you've been up to.

  15. Whizbang Head... love it!
    Hugs! xo

  16. Sometimes the well goes dry and glitter spiders and sticky hands are just the right medicine :)


  17. ...just as she said in the movie...i want what you're having!!!

    PS: thank you ever so much for visiting Rachel @ Monster Goldfish...your generous support means the world to her &...i...LOVE YOU more than ever!

  18. Love the "get your autumn on"...that is awesome.....but even more than that I love your writing style and the way you broke through the jewelry funk!


    Have a great weekend!


  19. This post is so funny, I need some of your energy! Share?
    Also from what you've said you've done, it sounds like you have actually accomplished a lot of creative things!! And it's great that you've come up with some good jewelry ideas too, I'll bet they're lovely :) xoxo

  20. Non compos mentis takes on a whole new meaning with me sometimes!!!
    I can relate at way too may levels...

  21. With a wallop! Rah!

    "Creative energy has been whipping around in my head
    but without a vessel to contain and define it." This right here, oh I know this. Frenetic energy that in me, comes out in the spaziest behavior, too often akin to a monkey running back and forth in a tree.

    So I feel ya girl. But there is some delight in it, no? When you just have too much to hold?