23 November 2010

And it Begins

The tree is in!
We found this 8' wonder at the farmers market this past weekend
whilst hunting for fresh rosemary and sweet bell peppers.

I wasn't planning on getting a tree so soon.
But to you-know-where with plans!
I love this tree.

And you should smell the house.

I decided on the large, old-fashionedy C9 bulbs this year.
I admit I'm a bit of a light tramp.
The more, the better.
Hopefully she'll be ablaze by late tonight.

Lots of Thanksgiving cooking to be done.
We'll be celebrating with Keith's side of the family on Thursday
before heading up to my side's family farm in Virginia on Friday
for Thanksgiving number two.

Shop update is tomorrow night.
It is pure joy.
Not sure what time it will be yet . . .
whenever I'm done with the cornbread and the brie en croute,
the coffee punch and the chocolate something-or-other that I have yet to settle upon.

{{Lucky lady me, married a man who can do dishes like a pro.
He comes in handy this time of year.}}

I shall see you tomorrow, I hope!
It will be a merry day in the Rosy Corral.


Sneak peaks of the new work popping up on the FB page.


  1. Gorgeous Jess, I so miss having a real tree at Christmas time ( no can do in a rental ) Thankfully ours is really ( i mean really) realistic looking, but its the smell I miss!

  2. I shoved my face in a bin full of cedar wreaths today. It was like heaven. xox

  3. Your house must smell so fantastic today!

  4. Mmmmm! Like frasier fir and rosemary and hot puff pastry and cider and somewhere, down under all that . . . The Monkey's crayola collection. No matter what else is going on in the house, there is always the faintest scent of crayon.

    Ah . . . HOME. :)))

  5. Ahhhh..love it!
    More than a tad jealous;)
    Have a wonderful wonderful Thanksgiving:)

  6. I hope y'all have a great Thanksgiving!!


  7. One of the things I miss about living in the South. A giant REAL tree. Here in Cali you can get an ugly 4 footer for 200 bucks! :(

    What a gorgeous tree!

  8. You always find perfect trees...and Happy Thanksgiving to you and family JJ! xoxo

  9. hey gorgeous, WHAT a FAB looking tree :o) had artificial ones all my life when I was younger...right up until a few years ago when I "rebelled" and bought a real one...vowed never to go back to artificial....sadly through a room change around and lack of space I had to revert back last year...but to spite that decision I got TWO! ha! Oh! how I long for a real one tho'!

    Happy Thanksgiving sweet cheeks....hope you have a fab celebration :o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

    Oh! and the reveals are stunning {as usual} :o)

  10. Nothing like bringing the outdoors in. The smells make you feel more at home and peaceful.

    I also was feeling up the greens at the market to the point of wierd looks!