02 November 2010

And puff, the Monkey Became a Dragon

His first year, he was Hershey's Kiss.
Then he was a lion.
Last year, he was a Monkey . . . (literally) . . .
and things didn't go very well.
Remember this?

But my little one is growing up.
And the best part of being a parent is getting to grow up all over again alongside him.

This was his first year trick-or-treating.
He dressed as himself,
and rode a dragon.

He was skeptical at first.
Those who opened their doors to his tiny knocks were met with this face,
and not much else.

It took several houses before he got the lingo down.
But as soon he realized that candy was his reward,
we were off and running.

Magic and wonder and firelit pumpkins and chocolate and doorbells.
Does it get better when you're three years old?

My sugarbean has a sugar stash to last him until the next time around.

(As if candy weren't enough, he felt the need to gnaw on his dragon's horn.)

Hoping you all had an equally wonderful weekend.


  1. Aw, that's awesome. Kids are so fun and you are so right, watching your child grow up allows you to grow up all over again :) It's like your brought back to all of the greatness of childhood. It's priceless :) How cute is the monkey on his dragon! Kids are so great! I'm so glad you and your family had a great weekend♥ Here's too many more great weekends and being a mommy and a kid ;)

  2. This post made me smile more than I have all day long. Halloween is so full of magic and wonder and excitement...glad you got to spend it the way you did Jess :)

  3. My goodness, I think I need to have a baby now. Thanks ;)


  4. oh. my. jess, he's adorable!!! i'm so excited for the years ahead...sai was a "pumpkin" (aka pumpkin hat and halloween onesie) and trick or treated to the select homes of some vips :)

    xols. and candy corn. and magic dragons. and baby boys...

    oh, and sunny - yes, you should ;)

  5. Hugs, Sarah. Thank you Ivy, M, and Heather. XO to you all.

    Sunny. Yeah. Get on that sister. Pronto. ;)

  6. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!
    cutest little bean in the east I am sure!
    love the horn chewing...I have one of those too..lol
    great pics JJ
    hope all is well

    love and light

  7. Some parts of the costume do taste better than the candy*lol*....what an amazing little dragon trick or treater! Sure he scored some major candy!

  8. SOOOO Adorable! Great storytelling too! xo