19 November 2010

If Not for Shadows

I'd embrace sleep with open arms.
I'd not worry.
I'd dream.

I would smile every moment that I slept,
and wake with that smile intact,
and I'd hold fast to it all day.

I'd forget every bitterness,
I'd not know anger.
I'd only know this moment,
and I'd be joyous just to be living in it.
I'd RUN.
I'd run to things and moments and people . . .

and not away from them.

I'd be free of myself.
I'd be released of my past.

I'd be simple and shallow in the good ways it means to be such things.

I'd be thankful without ever having to remind myself to be thankful.
I'd trust in me without question or pause.
I'd choose faith over understanding.

I'd be small, and would be comfortable in that stature.
I'd not comprehend fear.
I'd be brave without being brash
and confident without being cocky.

I'd be whole.
And true.
I'd be without qualifiers and disclaimers.
I'd be without excuses.
I'd be raw.
And real.

If not for . . . . . .
I really would.


  1. sigh...I wish we all were perfectly entailed in this post. Why is it so hard to just be? xo

  2. oh how I love your words today J.J.
    raw and real
    it is what my spirit longs for
    by my flesh turns away....
    walking out a journey that looks like this
    and am being successful!
    smile on my face
    abundance in my heart
    I will live free!

    lovely lady
    would you mind if I linked this post on my "other" blog?
    you can let me know here....

    love and bright light to minimize those shadows!!!!!!!!

  3. Such expressions on his face and paws...adorable!

  4. this is lovely :)
    I do wish we could all be a little more like they are.

  5. MLJ- Here's to us animal lovers. (Raises mug of hot tea.)
    RT- Yes. :))) And thank you.

  6. thanks lovley
    you can see it here:
    just a simple shout out for words worth shouting!

    love, light, happy weekend

  7. ah, sweet little banjo... my sweet pup is too hyper and smells really bad or i'd wish i was like him too. =)

  8. Hit something in me, this post. I want to copy it, read it every moment, and wish it to come true.
    Thank you.

  9. Izzy- puppy playdate soon?
    Dawn- thank you so much for joining me.

  10. Ahhh, Jess!
    This is so beautiful. I just loved reading this. Every single word.
    thanks! xo

  11. You express yourself so beautifully Jess. Sometimes I struggle with my words, as I'm not writing in my native tongue and I worry that what I am trying to say will get lost in translation... :o)

    I wish that I could turn of that brain of mine sometimes and stop thinking so much about every little thing and just BE. Just truly live in the moment...

    love ~tess

  12. This is so awesome....loved reading it, and soaking it all in!