14 December 2010


I got a few things listed this afternoon.
The truth is that it's been so insanely busy at home,
I feel like I'm barely in the studio.
The blog is gathering dust, isn't it?

Just the nature of the holidays, I suppose.
We've had more family around than I can remember seeing since my wedding.
And a long line of contractors coming through the house
to give us estimates on repairs that need to be done.
(Remember when Keith fell through the ceiling?)

The Monkey has had holiday parties.
He met Santa the other day.
I'm still miles away from the end of my shopping list.
Things are just flying by.

So this update is small.
There's a turquoise ring that is supposed to be with it,
but I'm not yet happy with the contrast on the silver.
It will be listed tomorrow or Thursday instead.

Merriment Earrings
{Sterling Silver, Resin, Stone}

Merriment Earrings #2

Merriment Earrings #3

Nailhead Ring
{Sterling Silver, Dryhead Agate}

I really hope to be able to blog more this week.
And the goal, which has yet to be met,
is to have smaller shop updates more often.
I'd like to get the point where I'm having two a week.
Plans, plans, intentions.
But meanwhile . . .
back to running.

Love to you all!!!!


  1. YOU DID it!!!! The color resin - woohoooooo, lady!!!

    I am beaming for you over here:)


  2. Holy Holiday...swoosh those were GORGEOUS!!!

  3. I did not even see them posted..beautiful! xo

  4. ~wow~ they're beautiful!!

  5. The picture of you, JJ, right above the nailhead ring is stunning; you look more beautiful than ever. You are always gorgeous, but you look lean and content (and believe it or not, very serene). I hope you feel as good as you look. I am so happy for you.



  6. Lovely new items!
    Hope you are enjoying the running around :)

  7. Wishing you the merriest- I agree with you, this year seems to be flying by a bit too fast for me.

    The resin work makes me smile, like little stained glass windows, love the color and the beads to dangle and jingle jangle.

  8. oh love love love that ring
    I decided the other day that I needed a new Rosy Ring...a big silver one!
    2011 is the year for that sister!

    love and light

  9. Crazy, colorful, wondrosities....and they're gone! ♥

  10. looking beautiful, dearie!! so is your jewelry. =)

    wish you'd come model my stuff, don't want my fat face on camera.

  11. Your jewelery is so lovely. Very intricate :) Ahh yes the holidays have hit, no wonder you haven't had as much time to blog! I hope you have been having a wonderful holiday season so far :) xoxo

  12. Lovely! Lovely!
    Merriment Earrings! That is a beautiful concept:)