15 December 2010

December Talk About Blog

The Handmade Division is talking aspirations this month.
Where do you see yourself being in 5 years?


I can barely picture tomorrow.
And somedays I can hardly remember what I did yesterday.

Five years seems like an eternity.
But when I blink it will be gone.
Like these five years past.

In typical Rosy fashion, I'm posting late.
Because somehow I forgot that today is Wednesday.
I was scraping flux off the tile floor and doing other mundane studio chores.
Then I woke up.

Five years from now.

Five years from now, I'll have long hair again and the time to style it.
The Monkey will be eight,
and hopefully running after him will be a four year old.
Things will be a bit more settled.
It will be a time of doing rather than waiting and planning.

I'll have a slightly larger home,
preferably a small farm,
with more character and more light and less problematic plumbing.
I'll have a shower large enough to not bump my elbows.
And a gas range in the kitchen where I will have finally mastered the family recipes.
I'll have a second dog.

In five years I'll be smarter in my business.
My skill set will have expanded and hopefully, my studio as well.
Be it here in Fuquay or somewhere else.
And maybe I'll have left Etsy behind . . .
strong enough to try it on my own.

I'll be less scattered.
I'll be more sure.
I'll still have questions but the question-to-answer ratio won't be so extreme.
I'll have cultivated the confidence that somehow still evades me some days.
I'll be solidly and joyfully myself.
Not quite so fast to place pressure on my own shoulders.
But faster to laugh.

In five years I'll be grown up.
No longer in my twenties.
My work will have evolved,
my style will likely be the same and altogether different.
I'd like to try things other than jewelry.
Like lighting.
Or furniture.
Maybe Rosy could be a lifestyle brand.

In five years, I'll be looking back on the past five years.
With appreciation,
and more knowledge than I had at the beginning.
I'll be looking ahead to the next five.
With a better idea in mind,
and a clearer point of view.

One thing I feel certain about:
I'll be making.
As that's what I am meant to do in this life.


* * * * * *

See what my teammates have planned:


  1. Beautiful
    I love it - the lifestyle brand :)

  2. That's really lovely :) With such a positive attitude I'm sure you'll be there in no time! I agree with the comment above, I love that part of your post :)

  3. May all this and more come to you!! And may you be happy the whole journey on your path to bliss....

  4. I love you in 5 more years!!!

    love and light

  5. Beautiful and thoughtful as usual...

  6. that sounds liek a lovely future :)

  7. In five years, I hope I still know all you lovely people.

    You are the jam in my jelly roll!

  8. aw, how lovely! hm, the idea of not being on etsy is actually a nice one... guess i'll have to think about that one myself!

  9. Love your post Jess :o)
    I do have another wish for the next 5 years. That I will be able to meet all of you lovely ladies in real life. That would be pretty amazing.

  10. It is interesting to think back to my twenties, I am in my late 40s now. The question to answer ratio may not change... just the questions change.

    Don't look too far into the future too often, enjoy the now.


  11. Love this!!!!!!!! And...is that your place? Gorgeous.

  12. so awesome to have dreams and goals! You said them so beautifully!

    Merry Christmas!

  13. A great post, beautifully said and I have to say I want to hug that dog of yours'!! What a cutie!