16 January 2011

RAW2011- Ring 2

Today, my second ring of the year was due.
I've joined the amazing flickr group, Ring a Week.
The goal is to create one ring a week for a year.
There are hundreds of members,
all creating in vary diverse and amazing ways.
I'm really honored to have met and/or discovered a lot of these artists.

For me,
I've tried to make this a weekly exercise in doing something a little different
from what I normally do.
So really, for me, it's a ring a week in addition to what I normally make.
Trying to build on my skill set.

I'm really proud of this week's exercise.

It's gritty and glittery and dark.
Very textural.

This ring is built around a resin casting of an antique drawer pull.
I mixed the resin with finely ground copper glitter,
poured it into a handmade mold,
and allowed it to cure over several days.

Meanwhile, I fashioned a simple but chunky bezel out of sterling and brass.
My new 2011 stamp is on the back.
I set the resin casting in place of a stone,
and polished the silver to a midnight shine without removing the oxidation.

It's weighty and solid and rock n' roll.
I find it, if not pretty, at least immensely satisfying.
It's good to stretch out and try something new.

Okay. I actually think it is kind of pretty.
But I'm sure it's not for everyone.

It's bright and vivid.
Built upon contrasting and antithetical notions of darkness and light.
Like finding some sparkle in a drab sky.
A swirl of stars in the night.

That, my dear friends, felt good.

Mini shop update tomorrow. . .
a second update on Friday.



  1. It is much different than your usual but I like it. It looks earthy but with sparkle!

  2. I really love it; I see the traces of your other work in this piece in the shapes and in the contrast, but especially in the shapes; how do you get the glitter not to come off and to stay?? It does not flake off, once the resin is dry. Right? That's a miracle to me. I love shiny things, especially next to dark things -- the opposition, the paradox, the highlight, the lowlight, the rosy, the dark, deep red.


  3. Why, thank you baglady!

    I- No, the glitter does not flake or scratch off. Once mixed with resin, it becomes one substance. It's very durable. Glad you like it!

  4. WOW RR you have out done yourself here
    too cool...or are you too school for cool?????
    Raise your glass mamma
    This one is a Rock and Roll Star!!!


    love and light

  5. That is really cool & I would totally rock that ring. It sounds like a great challenge that takes you out of your comfort zone & makes you try new things.


  6. Very special ring. I love that you photograph your work in such a natural light.

  7. Resin Rocks and you nailed it. Encore.