03 January 2011


Here I am.
Sipping, with a bit of a grimace, detox tea.
Loaded with lemon.
But the mug is pretty and I pretend that the steam from the cup is giving me a facial.

It's that time of year for renewing.
One thing I felt needed a jumpstart was my diet.
I overly enjoyed my holiday eating.
Not really sweets,
but too much good cheese and bread and olive oil.
Dips and spreads.
That sort of thing where you feel you've merely grazed,
then you look around and the pasture is bare.

At my feet are two dogs,
one a stringed instrument and one still nameless.
I cannot decide.
I thought he must be named for his prodigious ears.
Monstrously mountainous BAT caverns on top of his tiny bull face.
His body, when he sleeps, takes on the shape of a baby hippo.
He's fantastically fat.
He walks like a frog and squalls like an infant.
His bark is a scratchy yap that suggests a future tenor but meanwhile
is laughable in its lack of ferocity.
He is merely a critter of sorts,
a dozen creatures wrapped up in a pudgy burrito of a pup.
But unnamable.
I feel now that to label him based merely on his ears,
I'd be missing something.
Though my original thought was to do just that.
Never been so stumped or stirred by a pet name before.
Not even sure why this one seems so important.

It will be a backwards week for me.
I'll be in the studio at night.
The days here at home will be spent housebreaking this creature.
Being that my workplace is upstairs and down the hall from
the nearest exit, it isn't the best place to train a wee dog.
Keith will take over in the evenings,
after our salad suppers,
and I'll head to work.
Not sure when the next shop update will be,
either late this week or early next.
As soon as possible, of course.
I'm still stuck waiting on my 2011 branding stamp.
And a silver order that's due in Wednesday.

I'm working out the loose ends of an idea for something softer,
But tough.
In a Rosy Stitched It kind of way.
Which means that aside from trips outside and mugs of tea,
I'll be blowing the dust off my sewing machine.
Gathering bits of past work.
Trying my hand at forgotten skills.
One of the long terms goals for Rosy was to make it more than jewelry.
I think, I hope . . .
that will keep me fresh.
Further from the burnout I experienced so frequently last year.
To alternate between jewelry and textiles.
Soft and hard.
It's a long way off from coming to fruition,
but just sinking my teeth into the idea of it is exciting.
Of course I'd rather be sinking my teeth into a steak right about now.

Did you make resolutions?
I didn't do so well following my interminable list from last year,
so this year I picked just one or two things I want to go for wholeheartedly.
I'm excited for 2011.
And a bit overwhelmed.
Something about early January is the calendar equivalent of a fresh sketchbook.
I want it, every day, every page, to turn out beautifully.
And I know that chances are, it won't be pristine.
Which stupidly bothers me.
Usually, I fight to just "do."
And let it {ME} flow forth in whatever form or words in which it {I} naturally come.
Pretty, pristine, or not.

But this year, I want to just go along for the ride.
Take what I need and leave the rest,
enjoy the view.
I want to be imperfect and embrace that without worry or self-judgement.
This year I will LIVE with a smile more than I survive with a straight face.

Happy 2011, all of you.


  1. Happy New Year Jess!!
    For me 2011 brings hope that anything could be better than 2010. I too plan on detoxing plenty of things out of my life, and hope to devote a little bit more time to satisfying my soul - savouring things in life.
    I too, plan on busting out the sewing machine this year. Something I actually planned on back in october before spending 6 weeks sick. It has been tucked away too long, and I am getting the urged to make the things I used to!
    We shall see what 2011 brings!
    Happiest New Year to you are your family,
    PS I think he should be named Bandit

  2. Happy 2011...detox tea? uuhhh, you are so brave, I don't even know what it is but I don't think it tastes very good. Good idea to serve in such a pretty mug. BAT? Ha ha, does he hang upside down?
    No resolutions JJ....only actions! Look foward to your new designs! Stay warm and dry...xo

  3. "This year I will LIVE with a smile more than I survive with a straight face."

    love that friend!
    good words to live by...
    maybe you would be interested in joining me for a little sugar shock challenge??? go here:
    check it out...it seems scary at first, but so so worth it in the end and makes your body say THANKS!
    I am like you, not so into the sweets but love the fine breads, cheeses, dips, spreads, savoury...oh I need to stop now!!!
    Sugar Shock Challenge starts tomorrow...preparing with detox teas today
    welcome 2011
    Lets kick some ass!!!

    love and light

  4. Burrito, your lil pup ought to be named Burrito.

  5. Yay :) I wish I could see those ears in person.
    I just know this year is going to be wonderful for you and your family :)

  6. Wishing you a wonderful new year - give those big ears a scratch for me;) Good luck with all you do this year, may you be happy and your cup full.

  7. I agree with the Burrito comment :p I love how you write, your descriptions of things are fantastic! Best of luck with 2011, I'm sure it will be amazing :)

  8. Happy New Year to you too! Your little guy is just delicious, yes he is! Scrumptious even. I like the name Oliver and Robin (Batman). No one ever calls a dog Robin, boy or girl. I think of of Robin Williams and Robin Roberts on GMA. BUT, aside from that, it's a cool name.

    see ya.....

  9. It IS a fresh sketchbook!

    And funny to read today (not "haha" but the ironic type) of visions in fabric, as today I swung a hammer for the first time [ever] in my studio. Matisse once said "I must look for myself everywhere, because there I find myself," (loosely quoted), so girlie, let the ideas flow where and when they may.

    AND HUZZAH for puppy love! And good luck. And paper towels. Blech.

    Loves lady friend.

  10. I just found your blog because I was trying to see why nothing had been in your shop in forever. So, of course, I followed your link.
    I'm glad to hear you will be back, and planning on expanding your horizons. I understand completely how custom orders can be such a kill-joy. I mean, we become artists in order to create what we are inspired to, right?
    Good luck in 2011. I can't wait to see what you make!

  11. I love your writing. I could loose myself in it. And yes, I am all for the detox tea. And I thought I was the only person who used their tea to give themselves facials at the same time! x

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  13. Sometimes, I come and read the feedback left on my posts and laugh.
    Other times, I smile and nod. Or mouth a silent "thank you."

    Tonight . . . there's a lump in my throat.
    And it isn't the detox tea.

  14. Just lovely!
    Happy New Year JJ !!!!
    Can't wait to see what's around the corner for you... surely something wonderful. xo

  15. happy 2011, jj.
    moving forward.
    actions to give one a reason to feel positive about self-improvement: not necessarily a bad thing.
    some of us never grow too old to want to work on the self we see with our own inventorying mind. [talking about myself, here....]
    i look forward to seeing your new items.
    it's always a treat to read your words and see your posted images.