02 February 2011

Flashback Ahead

Shop update on Friday night,
and there will be ye old Stand Firm Rings in the batch!

(Remember these?)

You people, when you write me about them,
call them Bastard Rings.

{{I like your name better.}}

There will be two of these said brothers,
in addition to another ring or two,
a necklace or two or three,
and some earrings.
{I'm working on a bracelet, but I don't know if it will be done in time.}

I've been so busy in the studio
(there every day all day and back again after supper, mind you)
that I haven't blogged at all this week.

Nor have I kicked off the GiveAway I'm wanting to have.
I thought I'd have details posted for you today,
but I'm not ready.
It's in the works, though, so hold tight to your hats.

What's going on in your world?


  1. I like Bastard rings. I think it's incredibly fitting.

    And I'm glad to see you here (been thinking about you a LOT today lady!!!).

  2. The Bastard rings are a favorite, can't wait to see your update:) Hope you and the man, the monkey, the banjo, and the little piggy are all doing well. We've been iced in all week keeping snug by a fire with yarn and a steady stream of Scooby-Doo. Take care.

  3. Umber . . . smooch.

    Susie, you're iced in with over half the country, eh? Wishing you ample amounts of soft blankets, good movies, and hot chocolate. :))

  4. I need a "Bastard" something considering.

    But I need a job first. : )

  5. Gorgeous rings!

    Here... Big, beautiful, fresh new snow drifts covering the entire city!

  6. I love to see your posts! Went down to the Tucson Bead shows today. Brisk (for us), but a nice day.


  7. I'm so lucky to be able to remember my Bastard ring day in and day out! :)
    LOVE them and can't wait to see your new ones, Jess!!

    Up here, it was -40° two days ago and today is +2°C!!! Incredible! I will enjoy it while I can...-30° comin' back in a day or two! :S
    And ice/snow days?? We don't have such a thing! I'm so jello! LOL ;)

  8. some day, i would love a bastard ring. and as i type this, my daughter is texting the heck out of me. reporting on one of her early college sculpture crits. more to the point, she may need a bastard ring more than i...
    i can plan... she has 3 more years of this art school lifestyle to go....
    xoxo. w.

  9. Sybil- Ah, the joys of the real world. xx

    M- Thank ya! xoxo

    Ann- I'm jealous! I'll make it out there one day. Meanwhile I'll make it as far as Houston in a few weeks. Hopefully it won't be full of snow!

    Vita- Love your shop on Etsy! And thank you!! xx Stay warm!

    Wendy- Hugs to you both. I remember the crit days . . . whoa.

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  11. you are loved

    love and light

  12. Love your pieces. Those bastard rings rock!

  13. I was thinking of you yesterday, and hoped you were silent because you were living life...can't wait to see your new works!

    ps. I wear my bastard almost everyday. really.

  14. SO..let's just say someone was going through an unexpected yet long overdue and very nasty divorce. Let's just say she might be DESPERATE for a Bastard ring, a sort of talisman of sorts. Could she possibly request one?? Hypothetically let's just say she isn't very lucky when it comes to the DROVES of people vying for precious jewels during a shop update.
    I mean just hypothetically speaking...xoxo