05 February 2011

Hello All

This one will be quick.
It's Saturday night and frankly, I'm ready for red wine and yoga pants.
A couch.
An episode of Pawn Stars or some other such nonsense.

But I've been thinking all day about you people.
I just wanted to say thank you.
Thank you *so* much.
The support yesterday,
continues to startle me in the grandest and sweetest way possible.

I must seem crazy sometimes.
And certainly sensitive.
Whatever you call it.
I'm an up-and-down, ever-fluxing, waxing and waning sort of woman.
Back and forth in confidence and charisma.
I know this.
I know you can see it too.
Surely it's eyebrow-raising at times.

I think it's alright, though,
because I don't ever want to get to the point where I take you for granted.
Where I don't have a rush of adrenaline and tears
like I did this morning when I saw an empty shop.
I don't ever want to get so confident that I stop trying harder.
Does that sound strange?
I don't know that I'm even explaining myself well
(and no, I haven't even gotten into the wine yet.)

I guess it all boils down to gratitude.
Not just for sales but for a support that goes deeper than what is financial.
Comments and convos, notes, emails, even a phone call or text or two.
Though of course financial support makes the doing possible,
the emotional and vocal support make the dreaming possible,
and that is priceless.

A hug to each and every one of you who reads these words.
I'm brimming.
I'm beaming.

Thank you.



  1. And a hug right back atcha kiddo!

  2. Back atcha kiddo - don't ever stop dreaming!!

  3. This is why you are so successful. Love.

  4. is it bad that i'm looking for a thumbs up button?

    **two thumbs up to you**

  5. Keep dreaming. Keep creating. The world loves it and needs it. A big hug to you!

  6. You rock. You rock so hard that I can never seem to make it to your shop before all your pretty rings are sold out. I hope you feel inspired to make some more of those Stand Firm rings. I've got some Christmas money just waiting for one of those.
    Hugs to you, girl. That constant flux of emotion is what makes a passionate woman.

  7. This is lovely, you have the sweetest blog. Keep on being the wonderful creatvie you!!

  8. Beautifully written!
    I adore you just the way you are.