16 February 2011

Let the Gnames Begin!

Alright, the poll is up!
You have until noon on Friday to vote for your favorite Gnome Gname.
The submissions were awesome,
you people are far more creative than I.
I told Keith the next time we get a pet or have a baby,
we needed to do this poll thing again.

I am of course completely kidding about that.
Kind of.

Anyway, thank you all for submitting!
To those of you who suggested more than one name,
I only put one in the poll just to keep things fair.
You overachievers, you.

I'll announce the winner Friday afternoon.

Today I'm working on more things for the shop
and will be randomly posting some earrings.

Happy Wednesday!
Hope you all have a gnice one.



  1. i had to vote for Gnomey Bastard, because it made me laugh out loud, and I am nothing short of a potty mouth.

  2. i would like to know what company the gnome came from!

  3. Gnice giveaway and too much fun! xo

  4. jessicajane...thanks for vote! i too am a bit of a potty mouth i must admit ;)

  5. has anyone suggested gnomeo yet??

  6. HA! I was waiting for that one too.