15 February 2011

Let's Do An Impromptu Something

As some of you who follow my facebook page may
already know, a lovely customer sent me a garden gnome in the mail.
(Thank you, D. What a happy Monday present that was!)

I had coffee with him this morning.
He's a good listener, by the way.

He needs a name!

I had this random thought that you could help me name him.

Let's make it a game.
A gnome name game.

Suggest a name.
Whatever you think.
Leave it as a comment here.
I'll take suggestions up until midnight EST tonight.
After that, I'll put a poll up on the sidebar and voting will begin.
I'll leave the poll open until Friday at noon.
Whoever suggested the name with the most votes wins.
I'll make you a token necklace.
Your choice of phrase.

Are you in?

Put your thinking caps on!
(He already has.)


  1. i vote gimli :) (i love him! he's adorable)

  2. Ohh love it ~ Godfrey is what my Elli aged 9 reckons he looks like :}

  3. I vote for Jeremiah Swakhammer.

    It's from the steampunk book Boneshaker by Cherie Priest. But Rosy also uses a hammer and seals her work with a metaphorical kiss, so I think it works on a lot of levels.

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  5. How about Bimpni or Garder the Garden Gnome.

  6. Believe it or not there's a gnome name generator online and it generated Zookwinkle for him at random!*ha*
    i think it's rather fitting!

  7. he's definitely a Rohan Willoughby

  8. Well, in Sweden (and the rest of Scandinavia) a gnome is called a tomtenisse. Nisse is also the short version of the Scandinavian name Nils. So I think he should be named Nisse. :D


  9. "Happy"... Because he made you happy!
    Enjoy your random act of kindness. : )

  10. I am stepping into the ordinary - Fred. :)

  11. Chomsky. I desperately need a bastards necklace. :)

  12. Duwinkle, Loowicket, Nobwacket, Razpen, Elibikor, Dimbiddle, Graymockle (I could do this all day)

  13. How about "GNOMUS MAXIMUS"? --We all love Latin around this place, don't we?!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Jeremiah. I dont know why he just looks like a Jaremiah :)

    And I am dreaming of a token necklace!!

  15. Aaawww a gnome gname. I think he looks like a Klemmut.


  16. i think it's obvious.
    sir aloysius longbeard.

  17. I am going with Sir Galahad, the Noblest Gnome in the Land!

  18. How about Emong, the very statelyest(??:O)) gnome in the land....taadaa!!

  19. His name be Malarky for what he be up to whilst ye be havin' yer back turned. (Sounds more convicing if you say it with an Irish accent)

  20. Gnobby the Gnome. I wish I had a silent letter in my name...just call me Gmarcie.

  21. Were he found in a garden of mine, bless his soul, he'd ever be known as Elder Sterlingbottom!

  22. How about: Wonderschone Kette
    Or: Ornamenti Bella
    Or: J'adore votre Bijoux
    Or: Talan Atis
    Or the completely unrelated: Turwocket Talmadge


  23. ALL better than my pathetic pun - I give. :)

  24. In the light of this old gent's heritage, as a garden gnome, that is...

    Raphanus Sativus (the scientific name for Radish) His big red pointy hat reminds me of early spring radishes...

    Raph for short.

  25. Gallawag (a more gentle kind of Scallawag to be a better influence on a young Monkey)

  26. Rumford!

    I just like the sound of it!

    kathleen xx

  27. either "beansie" or "roger" suit my taste.

  28. Ok I'm so loving this. He's such a handsome fellow. How about: Dale of the Ironforge (after your Grammy) OR Pistol Packing Pete (it's ironic cause he's carrying a hammer BUT he's a southern badass gnome) OR my personal favorite: Gnomey Bastard!!! Good luck everyone!

  29. NISSE, doesn't roll off of the tongue but it means gnome and was found carved on the bottom of a wooden statue in 1200 AD in Norway. the statue itself is over 2,000yrs old.

    whatever the name is, i believe it should be Scandinavian in origin, since dates always illustrate this.

    WUNDERLICH is also another great name. a man by that name wrote a book in 1580 and spoke about the migration of gnomes. so that name would be a sort of homage.

    TONTTU is Finnish for gnome.

    one legend of gnomes is about a man saving a woman gnome and her husband asking what he could give him. one of the things was a gold nugget. no one had ever seen a nugget so large, he tried to get a metal smith/jeweler to do something with it but he turned him into the authorities instead. there was no way a man could have acquired a piece of gold on their own. and they had never heard of gnomes. it took the gnome to save him. your gnome must be keeping you safe!

    one other name is TOMTE HAROLDSON, the name of a gnome that was interviewed for the large gnome book i happen to have. the name Tomte is my favorite because of the 'interview' he gave. he was over 350yrs old.

    beth n snyder


    "Hey! Come derry dol! Hop along my hearties!
    Hobbits! Ponies all! We are fond of parties."

    I will also have you know that BC and I spent the vast majority of our dinner conversation storming name after name and decided, without a doubt, he is a "T" type fellow.

  31. Blythe Parkyr -free spirt and guardian of the forest.Sounds perfect for a gnome!

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  33. Bob.

    Seriously. Who expects Bob? Who suspects Bob? Bob has simplicity which might make you underestimate him. Then, when you least expect it Bob be up to gnome good. He's badass, he's sweet, he's unexpected. Bob.

  34. Darn it, the second I saw him I thought he should be named Gnorman the Gnome...I see someone already suggested his gnickname but I think he's too gnoble to respond to the shortened version.

  35. So I had to show you our gnome, too. His name is Humboldt Plinkenpenny, and we use him to surprise/terrify/screechify each other. Here's his story.


    p.s. I love you.

  36. Okay! Love these names! Off to put together the blogosphere's longest poll ever. :)

  37. What about Gnicholas, Gnick for short(okay,okay,I know that sucks but I had to play.... hehehe)