08 February 2011

Zulu and the Seedlings

Remember this post?

I thought I'd give you a brief update on my seedling project.
Here's my baby Oak tree as it looked in early January.

And here is my Unknown Seedpod Specimen,
also as it looked roughly a month ago.

It's doing well!
. . . For the most part.

It appears a certain kitty-puss with an appetite for fresh greens
has been snacking away on my young plants.
Look closer.

The Trouble.

The evidence.
Kitty nips.

And apparently, she prefers Oak over Unknown Seedpod Specimen.

Not hardly a lick of leaf left.

I'm attempting to save this sprig of Oak,
though it looks like I might be gathering more acorns the next time
I'm at the family farmhouse.
But . . . hey, at least I know I can root acorns.
{That's good to know about oneself, right?}

And now she's purring smugly over in the corner.
Little Oak-eating punk.
She's lucky she's cute.


Happy Tuesday!


  1. omg, the photo of Zulu... says it all!!!!
    bad kitty!

  2. hahaha, what a naughty kitty! thats what they are good for!

  3. Hah...I like that sassy kitty of yours!

  4. Oh naughty kitty! Perhaps the oak leaves will give her a bit of tummy ache, and she'll think twice next time...maybe.

  5. Oh no! My cat does that too, she completely destroyed our house plant. But yours is looking pretty good despite the kitty :)

  6. My mom had a boxer pup that gnawed a rose bush down to the nub before, but I have never heard of a cat doing that! The stem looks healthy, though. Maybe it will live.

  7. oh noooo!

    (I suspect bad-kitty damage isn't quite as bad as naughty-puppy damage, though)


  8. lol. I guess Kitty has a green tongue instead of green thumb.