16 March 2011

Back to Life

I'm Rosy.
Remember me?

I've been home for nine days.
How strange.
It's flown.
Texas flew.
It was grand to go.
It's good to be back.

I've been terrible about writing you.
Life has been life here lately-
I'm sure you know what I mean.

I returned to a flood out back-
septic tank issues that I knew had begun
but that rapidly escalated whilst I was in Houston and Keith was in Boston.
It's not truly the septic tank,
but the leach field.
The leach field that is not.
Seems instead of the standard 300 feet of pipe,
we have a long, winding trough of buried styrofoam packing peanuts.
Yes, you read that correctly.

I know this because when we dug a hole in the swampland
that has become my back property,
they began floating up to my boots out of earth and a thin mesh.
All black and grungy,
having been covered up for who knows how long
and soaking in all the gray water from the showers,
the sinks, the dishwasher and washing machine.
But at least it's not sewage.

Certainly not a crisis-
more a pain than anything.
Lots of estimates on repairs.
Lots of time on the phone.
Lots of trying to track down who built this house and
who the hell let it pass inspection.
I have a good idea where I'd like to stick those packing peanuts.

But let me back up!
Texas was wonderful.
I don't think I can even explain it-
it's a sort of slow soaking in that is still taking place.
I met amazing people,
brilliant artists.

. . . I met myself again.
In the throes of glass-casting.
In room 508.
In the crowded airport when I had no idea where to go.

I learned a lot.
New techniques to love and some I doubt I'll ever pick up again.
I realized how far I've come,
and that it's really okay to be proud of that
despite still having so far to go.

And I'm home now.
Here, typing in the dark with only the light of the screen.
Soft snoring in the next room.
A cat trying desperately to knead biscuits on my shoulder.
Tomorrow is the unveiling of a turning point in my work.
The next phase of evolution.
I feel at once gun-shy and damn proud.
I feel full.

I did miss you.
I'm back with a vengeance, though,
so I hope you missed me too.

Shop update tomorrow.


  1. Hi dear Jess,

    Welcome home. So sorry to hear that the homecoming has been so hectic.

    I am waiting with bated breath to see what beauty your trip has inspired.



  2. welcome back.
    always good to read your honest words.

  3. Excuse me.... who are you?


    Welcome back. Yes - we missed you too and we can't wait to see what you've been up to. :)

  4. packing peanuts, seriously?? i'm so excited to see this next phase...

  5. so sorry about your backyard...
    but thrilled to hear about where you are right now in your mind - have fun today! i think we feel the most fear when we are standing at the edge of something magnificent - forge ahead! (pun intended)

  6. Ahh. I've missed your posts...good to have you back lady :)

  7. absolutely missed you Miss Jesse!
    I love how you wrote that you met you again....so good lovely!
    Good to have you back
    Sorry about the packing peanuts...kinda crazy that!

    Can't wait to see what you have in store for us Miss Rosy...I feel an "edge"
    in the air!

    Love and Light

  8. Welcome back! I read about your backyard on facebook. What a pain. I hope it won't cost you an arm and a leg to get that taken care of.
    Can't wait to see your new designs!

  9. Jess! You're back! As soon as I saw your post, I skipped all the others and clicked right on yours. Glad you had a rewarding trip. Sorry you had to come home to a swampland. Ick. Life is grand, isn't it?

    Welcome back, doll. Can't wait to see what's up your sleeve.

  10. Hey Jess welcome back....yes you were missed...never forgotten. Sorry to hear about the leach filed issues...we have septic and some sort of leach field in our backyard....it's alwats mushy back there...haven't found any packing peanuts though. You need...(just a wierd suggestion of a place my brain is taking me to) to mark this find with some sort of jewelry item...an elephant...packing peanut earrings....and something in Latin....I came...I saw...Conquering! Can't wait to see the goodies in a bit! ♥Sue

  11. excited to see what you've come up with! glass casting?! my dad is helping me do a bit of that myself...fun stuff ;)


  12. Welcome back :) Can't wait to see what you make next.
    Next trip - Atlanta!

  13. I missed you! I like your new shop banner! I can hardly wait to see what you are going to put in there!!!!!

  14. Welcome back, the yard sounded awful....hope it is on the mend!

  15. I'm late welcoming you back Jess but as you see you have been missed!! Can't wait to see what new techniques you have discovered (and hope the other thing gets sorted very soon)