25 March 2011

Small Change Turns Big

Sorry everyone!

Late again.
And it's not going to get better, I can assure you.

The guys are still here tearing up the back of the property.
What was thought to be a 75 foot problem is
seemingly more of a 300 foot question mark.

The packaging peanut trench we found is evidently only one of four.
Even if they are to code, we have these 300 feet of haystack
in which to find the needle that's causing our issue.

I'm off to the county Dept. of Health
to locate the operations permit and map for the drainage field.

Have not even had a chance today to get the work out of the studio,
much less photograph it.

Today's plans are about as torn up as the ground out there.
The update is going to have to wait until tomorrow.
My apologies for the lack of follow through.

But you see, I'm suddenly up to my armpits in
styrofoam and Carolina red clay.

The good news?
I like getting dirty.


  1. Ugg. Sorry you have to go through this!

  2. Thanks, lady. It's really just a hassle. And an expense . . . but I know it could be a lot worse.

    Just trying to laugh at it and get it handled fast. Besides, it will be my excuse to buy the *large* bottle of wine later on . . .

  3. Bummer!!! Isn't that always the way it is, though? Sorry you're going through this crap (hehe). I'll join you in that big bottle of wine from afar :)

  4. I've dealt with two leach field replacements in the last 20 years (on different properties) and do not envy you in the slightest. A headache and a huge expense. Oh...and let us not forget the smells. I walked around with patchouli oil under my nose for a few days.

  5. So sorry to hear! I hope it gets resolved fairly quickly. (Oh, and you never need an excuse for the large bottle of wine!) ;)

  6. Oh, honey. Life happens. Don't think for one second that we would be annoyed by it. You have bigger things on your hands. Which I sure hope get better soon.

  7. Oh, my heart is with you, JJ. I feel more than terrible for all you are going through. I am here if you want to talk; just email me and let me know please, so I pick up.

    Love you.

  8. Oh what a MESS! So sorry you have to deal with this, and I hope it is resolved soon!

  9. Man, oh, man!!!! I feel for you!!
    I wish you luck!! And LOTS of it!!!!

  10. Oh that sucks for you. Crazy!!! Good luck with it all, I hope it doesn't take too long to fix. Poor thing! xoxo