26 March 2011

Two Blooms

Undiminished Necklace
{Moroccan Agate, Sterling Silver}

The dogwood:
State flower of North Carolina (among other states)
and a symbol of love undiminished by adversity.

Dusty Song Necklace
{Faceted Green Jade, Sterling Silver}

I've also made two more pairs of the Echoes & Evidence earrings-
the floral theme - as in the photo above -
which will be listed in the shop today along with these necklaces.

There are Stand Firm Rings in progress on the bench,
as well as the prototype for a cuff bracelet with a latch.
Next week should be really exciting,
and hopefully more productive than this past one.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Thank you once more, for being supportive and so good to me
both in my work and in my personal life.



  1. *le sigh* Beautiful, beautiful pieces, Jess. I love them all ♥

    And how gorgeous are YOU, btw ;-)


  2. your work takes my breath away
    your talent is beyond compare!

    both of these pieces are gorgeous Rosy!!

    love to you JJ

    love and light

  3. the undiminished necklace is BREATHTAKING, and i love where you're going with your work JJ. i'm happy for whoever the lucky gal is who will be wearing it!

  4. Wowzers! Am I allowed to say that?

  5. Gorgeous work Jess! I adore the dogwood flower!

  6. So pretty! I love the dogwoods you made.

  7. Great work. I recognise the beautiful flower design from class.