02 April 2011

Bonnywood Springtime

More mawkishly hokey nature photos, I know.
But springtime gets me in a shallow focus frenzy.

The farm is a life haven this time of year-
the sunlight pounding against the cold
until it gasps warm air,
the earth wailing on the blandness
until it bleeds rich color.

This is forever home.
This is good.


  1. bring on more of your mawkishly hokey nature photos I say!!!!
    Bring it on!!!

    love and light

  2. it is in the details that we notice and appreciate the miracles - these are beautiful... thank you...

  3. how good it is to enjoy springtime vicariously through your photos....

  4. I just left you a convo in your shop.
    Your nature photos are beautiful. It's so nice to see the world coming back to life.

  5. Love the third picture down from the top. May I use it for my class, with a photo credit to you?
    It's amazing. You have so many gifts. I find you such a wonderful inspiration; looking at your blog makes me praise God even when my life does not send me in that direction. I am very thankful for you, JJ>