01 April 2011

Friday Fresh

I ended up taking an impromptu drive to Virginia yesterday.
A quick trip to see the farm and the grandparents.
And tax prep has been keeping me busy . . .
all this to say,
sorry for such silence this week!

Despite the awkward schedule,
I've been able to squeeze several hours into the studio.

Here is what I've managed to accomplish:

Churinga Necklace
Sterling Silver, Owyhee Picture Jasper

This one is an amulet.
A force in silver.

And then a bit of the usual . . .

Stand Firm Rings
Illegitimi Non Carborundum
"Don't let the bastards grind you down."

From left to right:
African Topaz

I've been working on a latch-style cuff for nearly two weeks.
I finally got the prototype done in copper but
the sheer weight and amount of material
have me nervous about doing it in silver.

I'm trying to scale it down a bit.
Hopefully will have the final version to share with you early next week.

I hope you all are well.
Taxes done?
It's always an enlightening time of year . . .

Shop update randomly tonight.

Have a lovely weekend everyone,
A most satisfied and sleepy RR.


  1. Being a huge cuff bracelet kind a girl, I cannot wait to see what you've come up with... looking forward to it! And the Churinga necklace is truly stunning. :)

  2. Woman, I adore everything you touch.


  3. I really need the Amethyst one :) I'm hoping it's my size! ;)

  4. Beautiful work Jess! That necklace is a knock out!

  5. High, high praise coming from you people. xo

  6. love love love the necklace......my jaw is still on the floor

    and I have to get my hat little hands on one of those stand firm rings!!!!!!!
    going to check if any are left...xo

    love and light

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  8. Breath stolen by works of art. WOW! You should be satisfied and enjoying a most deserved night of sleep.

  9. Too late again on the stand firm rings. Please keep making them. I'll get lucky one day :-)

  10. ok, that necklace. stunning. i looooove the wire wrapped bar! i mean, really!?

    secondly, the picture of you with all the rings...it needs to be your facebook picture!

    and...well, i cannot wait to see that cuff....or YOU...THIS month! xols!