14 April 2011

Thirteen Random and True

1.) Shop update tomorrow.

2.) The Monkey turned 4 years old today.

(The Monkey- Summer 2007}

3.) The Monkey is *very* excited by this fact.

4.) Rosy Stitched It labels have been ordered!

5.) I have a show a week from Saturday, so no shop updates
next week, as I'll be in panic-production mode.

6.) Silver prices suck.

7.) For the next ten weeks, I'm trading the whiskey for water.

8.) Silver prices = bad time to trade whiskey for water.

9.) New gardening gloves and new oven mitts make
for a Rosy outlook on domestic goddess-ness.

10.) Collaboration with ***** ****** is officially underway.
May will be exciting.

11.) I miss the lagoon on that South Carolina island.
The one where I caught my first fish.
I think I was four or five.
I'll be taking The Monkey fishing this summer.

12.) Styrofoam removal and leach field repair start this weekend.

13.) There's a glass vase full of pink peacock feathers
on the sideboard.
It's pretty damn lovely.


  1. teeeheee...whiskey for water...you sound like me...
    But I just figured out how to turn water in wine... ;)
    Can't wait to see the new creations!!!
    And, awwwe, happy birthday again to The Monkey!!
    Brooklyn is 4 too...
    and I keep weeping at the fact that 5...and kindergarten school...is next....

  2. It all sounds lovely :) happy birthday to The Monkey, how exciting!!!

  3. AhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

    And also, silver prices can eat a big fat bowl of whatnot.

    Love you,

  4. I can't wait to see you at the show!!! I'm bringing a friend, so she'll be the one with her back to you, arms outstretched guarding the booth while I shop. (Then, we'll switch places)Enjoy the week! Can't wait to see what you make and don't sweat the silver...it's another speed bump in the long road of your creative journey. (or something like that....)

  5. Gardening... planting...seeds... new beginnings... good time of year for birth days... happy monkey day, happy rosy, happy life to you and the whole family. i love you, i love your work, i love your plans, stay centered; i can't wait to hear more about the mystery collaboration, i hope you will be stitching with varied metals too, not just with thread.... i dream of so much... i wish you a summer filled with laughter, fish and mermaids...


  6. My Ethel gardening gloves are my favorite thing to put on. There's nothing like digging in the dirt to make you feel better.

    Silver prices and gas prices need to get together and work out why they hate the world so much. And then get their butts back down to earth.

  7. Happy birthday to your little dude...and you do have a long list...pace yourself! Happy weekend JJ! xo

  8. love the random of life ♥

    love and light