17 June 2011

Bird Storm

Tigerlily Ring- Amazonite

Fettered Flight Earrings-
Amazonite and Carnelian

In the shop now.

* * * * *

I'm off to VA to visit family.
Fresh watermelon and peaches rolling around in the back seat.
The Bad Apple smells pleasantly like cantaloupes.

Two dogs and a chatty monkey to ride with me.
Loud music
- Frazey Ford covers "When Doves Cry"-

Home Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
This neglected blog will get some love next week.


  1. Oooh, hope you have a great time!
    Great collection! Gosh, that amazonite is beautiful.
    Just love this Amazonite Tigerlily with the square cab.
    It's perfect. xo

  2. When you say you are gonna fly this year, I totally believe you. Your new work is just beautiful. I love that you stay true to your style, but constantly bring a freshness to it.
    Have a safe and fun trip!

  3. OOOOOOH! Love the new look!

  4. The birds!!!
    The ring!!!!

    and yup
    they are gone.....

    have a wonderful time away

    love and light

    ps love the new look!

  5. very nice and petite collections inspired by nature.Love the tiny little birds displayed here.Initial Charms

  6. GREAT Banner!!!
    i love the Fettered Flight collection...MUST HAVES!!!
    Welcome back
    thank you!