29 June 2011

A New Approach

In tomorrow's shop update,
I'll be listing five
Stand Firm Rings.

Stone choices will include:
(from left to right)

Mexican Fire Opal
Yellow Opal

Stand Firm Rings will be listed by stone type.
Each ring will made in the fashion of past Stand Firm Rings.

- wide bands with a sterling ball accent

- filigree underside

- faceted stones will be set upside down with girdles facing UP
in the symbolic
"don't let them grind you down" position.

- stamped Illegitimi Non Carborundum on top
and the translation beneath

- a rustic finish

- Your choice of stone and size

Embellishment decisions will be mine to make.
You can count on the usual round of
filigree and "leaf and berry" themes.
I'll embellish around the stone as I see fit
for the amount of space on the ring,
and accounting for what room I need for letters.

Purchasing this ring does not give the customer
full control of the design.

Rather, the customer is simply choosing the stone of her choice,
and the size in which she'd like it made . . .
understanding that the bones of the ring
will be standard to past Stand Firm designs,
but leaving the rest to the artist's discretion.

Should you purchase a listing tomorrow,
you can expect a ring that is a derivative of these:

In effect, this is like a skim-milk custom order.
Not quite as tedious and time-consuming for me,
but still allowing you some say-so.

We're going to try this system tomorrow and see how it goes.
Per usual, I'm learning on the fly,
so if this system proves inefficient,
we'll try it again another way.

If all goes smoothly-
it may well become a monthly practice.

I'm excited to see how this goes over.
As always, your thoughts are welcome
and your support is beyond appreciated.

See you tomorrow for a shop update!
5 Tigerlily Rings
5 Made to Order Stand Firm Rings
Luxe Bud Studs
Sticks & Stones Earrings



  1. Oh gosh -- we're supposed to go kayaking tomorrow but I hope I can swing it and hit this -- I'm always a day late and a dollar short!

  2. Genius rings! Genius photos. Genius!

  3. We have to keep it fresh, and it's nice but debilitating to let people custom order. I'll be interested to see what you think of it. I LOVE setting faceted stones upside down, I've never seen anyone else do it! It's so sexy. Looking forward to seeing your update.

  4. love ya! some day i will finally make an order... until then I'll just dream ;)

  5. Great pick of stones... yum, yum.
    I think your trial run is a genius idea!!
    Lotsa love

  6. this sounds like a great idea, hope it goes well, i wish i had some moneys to purchase. Beautiful photographs