28 June 2011

Night Lines

It's 11:24 now.
Late to be at the studio.

It's raining outside.
I see it under the streetlights on Main,
and hear it against the cap on my air vent-
a hollow tapping sound somewhere up in the ceiling.
The air conditioning in this old 1906 building rattles.
The lights hum.
Sometimes, when the thunder is extra intense,
a few crumbs of the burned brick tumble down
from their cracked crevices in the wall.

Did I ever tell you this place burned back in the 30's?
That's why the brick here is black and purple.

I have sixteen birds to pierce out in the morning,
and a slew of hearts as well.
A turquoise stone to set.
Five others right behind it.
Maybe more.
Earwires are freshly forged and hanging ready
on the lip of an old Mason jar.
I finally got my saw blades organized.
And my abrasive papers too.
Maybe my thoughts will be next.

I look at my reflection in the glass block window and
see the wilderness of my hair.
Strands in a growing-out riot against a gangbuster of straps and bands-
they fight in vain to calm my 'do the hell down.
I must confess, I kind of like the wild look.
Fits my mood.
It's . . . relaxed.

There are new sprouts on the unidentifiable succulent growing in the window.
Why didn't I bring my camera?

My right ankle,
sprained last Friday,
looks rather like it wants to lay an egg.
I look at it with a mixture of annoyance and affection,
thinking it looks like it needs a name,
so plump and fragile at the moment.
It's still swollen something terrible.
Maybe Humphrey.
It looks like a Humphrey.

Humphrey came to me when I was running on the treadmill
and felt the sudden urge to pee.
Leaping off with what was evidently an unfounded assuredness of my agility,
I caught my right foot in a funny position upon landing.
Heard and felt a distinct *snap*
and down I went.
Southern grace, folks.
Right here.

I can walk on it.
Not real sexily though.
Think I might have it x-rayed on Friday.
Meanwhile, The Monkey marvels at the size of Humphrey.
Humphrey, whom I think might be a tendon is distress.

Aside from my newfound companion,
I find I'm missing the presence of others.
I think I need to start reading blogs again . . .
It's hard to be inspired when you don't surround yourself with them,
the inspiring.

I miss you people.
How have you been?
Are you happy?

For myself,
I can say tonight-
with the rain coming down
and the steam coming up from the wet pavement on Main . . .
Here in my cozy quiet studio in this tiny corner of the south,
a dull ache in my ankle that reminds me how lucky I am to
stand on my own two feet . . .

I am happy.
Life is good.


  1. aside from the ghost pain of my own long ago sprain, there is a very peaceful feeling from your post.

  2. i was in town and stopped at nil's yesterday. wish i had your number; i would have called and stopped by.

  3. It's good to hear from you. I hate that you have a bum ankle, though. When things like that happen I always figure that God just wanted me to slow down for a while.
    Do you realize what an amazing writer you are? You paint such a detailed picture. Your words are like music.

  4. Your saw blades look purty!

  5. I sure am glad to read this, glad there will be more frequent posts-
    but more than anything I am glad I got to hear your voice :)

  6. Your writing is so poetic (without being toe-curling.) The scene you set is magical. I was transported there for the 2 minutes it took me to read your blog... Now I feel like I've been to visit.

  7. MM- Glad I could project peace all the way to Houston. I'm so excited for your blog and business!

    Ami- You were just around the corner! Next time, give me a heads up.

    Miz- You're one I have missed terribly. I hope things are going well.

    Amy- Why thank you! I've been on a repurposing kick lately- bringing in odd items to organize the studio. Seems less sterile and by-the-book that way. More ME. Course, that might be dangerous. :)

    Sunny- Sigh. You know I love you.

    Lou- I think I know JUST what you mean and thank you EVER so much! Toe curling is not what I'm after. :))) Wink, wink. Nod, nod. Give those chicks a peck and a squeeze for me.


  8. Wild looks are my favorite.

    loves lady,
    - U

  9. I love this. "hopefully my thoughts will be next..."
    here's to hoping!
    PS I am dying to see (and hopefully snaggle up) the next round of birds!!

  10. All about growth -- yeah, that's what it's all about, that hokey pokey thing called life; I love it too; it is good. I should have used a capital G!
    I think your ankle problem is not a sprain at all but most likely a torn tendon given its size (it's the most logical explanation); I hope it heals quickly.
    I love your beautiful sawblade jars; your uniqueness is GREAT. You are inspiring.
    Love to you & thanks for bringing me a morning smile yesterday,

  11. I know what you mean when you said it's hard to be inspired when you don't surround yourself by the inspiring. My blog reader has a TON of blog posts in it to read and I have felt so OFF lately because I haven't had time to read. Making up for that tonight.

  12. Sweetie, be thankful for your a/c in your corner on main st. The garage is about 120 degrees... =( It's hard to find motivation there.

  13. Umber- Loves back. Safe travels to Sunshine. :)

    Susie-Hug. Birds ahoy.

    I- GOOD it is. And ditto. And ditto.

    PT- A grand idea. I need to set aside a block of time and go back into the archives of my reading list. Maybe the next time it rains all day . . . that shouldn't be long from now. :)

    Izzy- As soon as I typed this post, the air broke. HA! I actually like the hum . . . like white noise. It's being fixed tomorrow. Meanwhile, a good sweat might be just what I need.

    Christie- HI!!! :))

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  15. Sooooo happy to find you here. Great reading this post... your writing is beautiful.