28 July 2011


Scorch & Quench Earrings
{Sterling Silver and Copper Sheet}

MTO Tigerlily Ring Options
{rose quartz, prehnite, yellow opal, turquoise}

Salvia Earrings
{Sterling Silver}

MTO Stand Firm (Bastard) Ring Options
{amethyst, citrine, blue topaz}

Up in a bit!



  1. Hey Jess. I am so jealous of whoever got that citrine bastard ring. I'm still gonna have to save some money before I get one of my own. I plan on e-mailing you soon. I just got back from Virginia and thought of you. I know you have family up there. Hope you have had a great week.

  2. all i can say is that these earrings (all of them)are gorgeous. i am gonna have not work out on days of shop updates. that's all there is to it! thank you for not only making such wonderful pieces but the stories evoke such pictures in my mind. thank you, even though i missed them, i have enjoyed reading and looking.

  3. Thank you guys!

    Miz- I owe you a note. Have thought of you and fierce red hair for the past week or so. I hope all is well.

    MM- Ah, thank you. I still cannot wait to see what the coming weeks/months/years bring your way. I love your enthusiasm and am so thankful we've become friends.

    Andrea- I am going to make it down to GA before this year is out, come hell or high water! Thank you for always being so kind and supportive.

    You know- for the past couple months it seems, I've toggled between 389 and 390 blog readers, but the last always falls off the wagon. But the ones I DO have are really some of the most incredible people I've met, and I continue to be grateful that you're all here . . . especially when I mouth off too much, or seem to have nothing to say.

  4. These new creations are truly beautiful, i am deliriously impatient in waiting for September to arrive when funds will be a little more accessible to me, and I can purchase one of your beauty's