08 July 2011


I just wasn't happy with it all yet.
And I'm still working on Made-to-Orders from last week,
which must be priority.
Still, Murphy's Law was in my pocket today.
Things haven't timed out quite as I'd hoped.

Monday will be a good day.
Shop update will be in the morning,
and will include:

*{3} En Route Earrings (above)

*{1}Swarm the Blue Necklace
- A slight variation from the original-

*{3} Love Like Willows Necklaces (new)

*{2} All Webs Woven Earrings (new)

The only rings I've done this week have been
MTO Stand Firm orders.
(If you're waiting on of those,
they are shipping out Tuesday.)

Alright then, folks!
You have yourselves a most LOVELY weekend.
I'm going to hit the flea market,
have barbecue in a ridiculous quantity,
and paint my front door red.

. . . maybe.
I might just lay in the sun.


Thankful, as always, you're here.


  1. Thank you for leaving such a wonderfully descriptive SHOP UPDATE! Sad I'll miss it but happy for YOU and thrilled I'm going to the countryside ...

    Are you having sweet tea at your BBQ ?
    I'm sure it's something way more exceptional than Nestea iced tea in a can...
    One day when you have time... would love to know more about your tradition of sweet tea!

    Hugs! Have fun!


  2. love and lightly lovely weekend!