10 July 2011

Monday Hues

I suppose it's the heat that has me
craving cool colors this time around.
Nothing but blues and greens
in this batch of Rosy goods.

Starting with 3 necklaces based on a song from
Shakespeare's Othello.
The Willow Song.
Have you heard it?

Love Like Willows Necklaces
{Sterling Silver}

From left to right:
{Jade, Prehnite, Prasiolite}




All Webs Woven Earrings
{Sterling Silver}

These can be flipped and arranged-
small installations- an objet d'art for your ears.
The broad, simple hoops in the very front
can be flipped to the very back-
creating a more delicate, light appearance.
You can see the two variations in the photos directly
above and below.

Variation 1

Variation 2

Swarm the Blue Necklace
{Sterling Silver, Turquoise}

Similar to the original design in that is encompasses 11
hand-hewn birds, each drawn and pierced with a saw.
Soldered to a delicately patterned chain.
Set off with a vivid blue turquoise,
a deep turquoise punctuated with a clay and coriander hued heart.

This one is a longer lariat, however,
and a features a slightly different setting shape.
Adjustable and not overly heavy for its scale.

In the shop tomorrow morning.
Happy Monday, all.
I hope you had a lovely weekend.

a barrel and a heap


  1. omg. Those birds are amazing and I love that necklace. The stones are each so beautiful, too!

  2. breathless
    all of it
    you're a star!!!!

    love and light

  3. i need a pair of those earrings. plainly said. no kidding.

  4. Gorgeous! I really love the colours that you used

  5. Wow. That prasiolite is especially, especially gorgeous. Really beautiful work!

  6. I want one of each!!! Amazing work as usual! xo

  7. Lovely!! I love the blue and green kick you are on too :)

  8. WOW!! The greens are amazing!!!!! That faceted jade is the most fabulous color, and I love the way you set them...truly unique and beautiful! I love it when you post new work, it's so fun to just sit back and take it all in! Aloha!

  9. Thank you!
    It is always so amazing, and humbling, and touching to receive compliments from fellow artists and such creative people.