06 July 2011

Welcome Rain

My little golden-feather colored office.
Warm as it looks.

Cracked windows and a cool breeze call for hot Earl Gray-
{{A summer rarity}}

And a blueberry scone.
{{A season regular}}

I'm waiting.

Above and without,
small vibrations.
And even as the breeze stills,
it begins to fall.
Calm before a long-awaited storm.
Forever to come then suddenly sweeping in.

It builds fast and the wind returns.
I stand in the window and watch
as the street below dissolves.

Trickles to torrents rush down Main.
Washes away color.
And the weight of July.

And crack, the sky.
Lightening down.
And crack, the thunder.

And crack, the heat.

I exhale.
We are breathing again.


  1. You've got such a beautiful soul.

  2. i stopped through town at elliott's last week and had an orangeade. there are few things i miss about that small town, but that's one.

  3. Beautiful images and words

  4. More than needed....more than needed...it has been too dry and for too long.

  5. I LOVE thunderstorms :)

    they are one of the things I miss about living in the midwest (though to this oregon girl it all feels like east to me!!)