02 August 2011

The Dog Days of Summer

It's too hot to move, you understand.
And the heat has melted our patience.
We're grumpy.
And quite frankly, we smell.

Unless it's to give me a piece of bacon or
a cube of ice,
I'd prefer you not get in my face.

Kindly inform the woman with the camera that I said so.


  1. i think every dog is thinking these very same things right now. and perhaps every person as well...........dog days is right.

  2. Haha. How cute. The Hub and I went to the zoo in VA. All the animals were just like this. They were all seeking any sliver of shade they could find. Poor furry creatures.

  3. Gosh, and we complain about the heat here in the UK. I'm not a fan of the heat, i need to move further north x

  4. Haha!
    I'm sitting a pug named Ruby right now. When I look beyond the constant snorts, sprays of wet doggie breath on my skin, loud snores at night and following my every move... those eyes just want love and she's just plain adorable.

    Cheers! Have a good week.