23 August 2011

For Betterment

This past Sunday was an exciting one.
Keith competed in his first Triathlon.

He swam, he biked, he ran.
I didn't get photos of the swimming as the arena
was slammed with people,
but once he began the bike leg of the competition
the camera was out and shutter snapping.

{{He tends to look a little angry when he's focused.}}

I got teary when he came down the final stretch,
stopped to grab The Monkey,
and ran with him across the finish line.

I don't really have the words to explain
why this whole thing got to me so much.
How proud I was,
how inspired.
How much better I feel about the state of my marriage
and family than I did just three short months ago.

I've already shared with you the ways in which
I needed to make changes to and for myself.
And I am.
He's doing the same.
It's like we're getting all our *&$% together,
for ourselves and each other--
and it feels really, really good.

Just thought I'd let you know.

Happy in NC,


  1. beautiful

    all the things I love about you

    love and light....and blessings

  2. This post warmed my heart, it gladdens me.

  3. Yay ~ and my you have to be VERY FIT to do those!!! ♥

  4. Yay for getting $#*@ together - feeling that very much lately, and it feels good :-)

    Congrats to Keith, that is something to be PROUD of, and for you to feel proud of him for! He must have trained for quite a while for something like that? It is inspiring!

  5. Touching and inspiring post. Congrats to your man! You have a beautiful family.


  6. You got me all teary-eyed with the love pouring out of the screen!!! So happy for you to have your marriage mojo back...I can feel the LOVE!!

  7. Can't tell you how amazing this is... for all the reasons you speak of. xo

  8. Jess...I'm so glad to hear of the renewal of joy and love in your life....as the Buddhist's say without suffering there is no enlightenment....something I've learned all too well. ❤

  9. Teary eyes here too. I'm so glad that you are both in a good space, making changes for the better.

    Keep moving forwards, my friend...


  10. That just merits a big hug. You know, if we were within hugging distance. That deserves a happy hug for sure.

  11. Teary and HAPPY for you. My heart is full for you.

  12. Thank you everyone. Hugs all around. :)

  13. Awesome!! But you do know you're married to a mad man, right? A triathlon?? Only mad men and women do triathlons.

    No wait.... I could probably do a triathlon too.... if we change the activities a tad to ... let's say... ummm... Eating, Sleeping and Snoozing. THEN I'm in. :D

    And YAY for getting it together. That is an awesome feeling.

  14. Lady Love, I salute you both, with a glass of milk.


  15. i am so happy for you in so many ways. the love looks so good on all of you. xoxow.