31 August 2011

A Small Something New

Stand Firm Necklace
{Sterling Silver}

Illegitimi Non Carborundum
Don't Let the Bastards Grind You Down

Emanation Earrings
{Sterling Silver, Lemon Quartz}

I made four of the necklaces and two pairs of the earrings.
It's a small update,
but all six listings will be in the shop shortly.

I'll post tomorrow on upcoming shop updates
{I already have the dates lined up}
in addition to some other info
and local trunk show details.

Has anyone told you yet that
the holidays are coming?
Seems to be the theme of my week . . .

Hugs, you.


  1. NICE.
    You just told me...why I ask, why why? : )

  2. Those earrings are gorgeous, darling. Absolutely. And the necklaces are a bright idea. I told my husband I wanted to get a Stand Firm ring for Christmas. Got my fingers crossed for yellow topaz or smokey quartz. I need to email you, girl.

  3. very nice work. the necklaces are wonderful. i wish my boss had not had such a good education....it would be nice to wear such a great message openly/covertly to the office. the earrings are perfect - wish i had not missed them...........again, the story of my life. thank you for adding such wonderment to the world!

  4. Will you be making any more items with that saying? I desperately need that affirmation in my life right now!