16 August 2011

Tangent Photos

On top of my filing cabinet,
I have a stash of random old things that I love.
Mainly vintage metalsmithing tools.
A torch,
some hammers.
There's a plant,
an anvil.
Random scribes and a beautifully ornate hand-held twist drill,
among other things.

I take this stuff with me when I do shows.
Props and conversation starters.

I thought I'd snap a photo of this collection
to use as my new blog banner.

My latest acquisition,
{seeing as how I always end up forgetting a mirror when I
do that occasional show or festival--}
is an old beveled hand-mirror I found on Etsy.
I love this thing.
It's plopped right in amongst the other treasures.

I caught my reflection and clicked the shutter.
I laughed.

And well,
I guess from there, things got a little silly.

But hey, I got the banner done.


  1. The second to the last picture is so elegant and then that SMILE.
    I do so think you are the business :)


  2. I love this! There's a big ass flea market that happens twice a year in my part of Texas. Warrenton. We go both times a year and last spring, something caught my eye that I have not been able to let loose of. A shiny collection of bio, old, clunky table top microphones. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. What a great collection...I bet you've got the greatest lookin' table at the whole show :) Love the new banner too.

  4. MM- Oooh, I want to come. I've been looking for a listerine bottle- one of the old glass ones with the pressed words in it, to use on the countertop. That way I can just use the big ugly plastic listerine bottle to refill it, and keep it tucked away under the sink otherwise. The hard part is finding one that has a cork. :S

    SKJ- Aah, thanks! :) Hope all is well down under, my friend.

    Miz- :)) You coming to the next Handmade Market in November? Seems it would be fitting.

  5. I am with sunny...that second to last one is 1940's gorgeous!
    love the new banner
    love the collections
    love the laughter!

    love and light

  6. love it, love it , love it! these shots are so fun and gorgeous!

    thanks for your visit, and your sweet words :)

  7. Cat- *hug*

    Barb- Totally meant it. Will you please come revamp my whole house? :) Pretty please with varnish on top?

  8. I'll look for a corked Listerine bottle for you. I love the treasure hunt, maybe more than the finding the treasure!Clear or blue glass and did I notice you were looking at a beautiful old zinc lidded Mason jar?