17 August 2011


4th generation Zinnias.
Planted by my great-grandmother around the end of WWII.
I love these stunners-
old Mexican wildflowers here in my southern space.
A different kind of family heirloom.

For over 60 years,
every year,
they are allowed to die and dry out.
My grandmother, then my mother, and now I save the seeds
and store them away for planting the following spring.

What do you know?
Some things *do* live on.

Amazing to me.
These flowers are the direct descendants
of those that grew outside Cassie and Elmer Mason's farmhouse
in rural Tennessee circa the late 1940s.

Call me sentimental.
But I think that's pretty flipping lovely.
There's a little bit of my lineage here,
passed down through the petals.

I think it's remarkable how they all look so different
despite the fact that each seed seems the same.

Every spring is a slight surprise.

Growing up a garden-girl,
I find endless inspiration in them.
They hit the aesthetic and sentimental sides of me.

Today I brought them indoors.
Punctuated with a few sprigs of fresh eucalyptus
from the tree out front.
A festoon for the mantle.

{As if it weren't piled up enough with stuff already.}

Carry on.


  1. What beautiful photos and memories! No wonder they inspire you :)

  2. Dear sweet JJ
    I feel you looking back...drawing on what makes you you
    reminding yourself of who you are
    where you come from
    such a smart lady you are
    re-establishing your truth
    comfort is found in what you know
    this can be good
    this can be bad
    but for you
    this is definitely good
    as you come form a history of great wealth
    I have seen it here
    find your feet
    embrace your truth
    and fly!

    love and light

  3. That puts a completely different perspective on zinnias...

  4. Your grandmommy, grandmom and mother are proud of you. Always. The tradition lives on, forever a reminder of the love that can reside within a family generation after generation. These flowers are strong willed. They still find a way to grow, to blossom, to bring joy into the lives of others regardless of the conditions that surround them. Even the worst weather or soil can't keep them down for long. They bounce back year after year. Again, just like our family. Our future generations need their seeds.

  5. That is quite impressive_4th gen!!! And lovely too! : )