21 September 2011

It's Getting MUGGY!

I've gone and done it.
Actually, I went and I did it over a month ago.
I've been holding off on introducing these guys until
rosyrevolver.com is up and running.

But I got impatient.

Not yet.
Sassafrass mugs?
Heck yes!!

Stand Firm Mug!
{Terra Cotta- dishwasher and microwave safe}

Illegitimi Non Carborundum
"Don't let the bastards grind you down."

I ended up using these for display purposes
at the local Art Crawl, and they were a big hit
in this backwoods, blue-collar town.
Who couldn't start their morning off with this mindset?

They'll be in the Etsy shop as soon as
the website printed on them has been completed.
Hooooopefully soooooooon.

They hold 14 ounces of liquid,
or you could pot a plant.
Or throw your pencils in them.
Or your jewelry.

A new line of t-shirts is in the works as well,
all organic cotton in a range of colors,
with several graphic designs created by yours truly,
and all boasting the various latin phrases
you've seen in my jewelry.
They'll be in the shop in time for the holidays.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the pillows.
It's getting wild up in this studio . . .

What's going on with you?

Yawn. Stretch. Shower.


  1. Yep...WILD up in there studio....and that makes me happy..Cant wait to rock all of the above.Way to go girlie

  2. Are the t-shirts girly sized? Because I could use a bastard shirt.

  3. Totally girly sized. Same cut and fabric as the last batch. V-neck, not too boxy but still loose and comfortable.

  4. bring it on girl!!!!!

    love and light

  5. Wow! I'm feeling the energy!
    " You got the pow-ah"
    Ooh, I love to hear about all the creative activity.
    Fabulous mugs BTW.

  6. WHOAAAA..... got to get me some of those goodies.

    *off to stalk RR shop*

  7. I'm so excited;where do we go to purchase these mugs???? I would love a pair. Thanks,JJ. I can't wait to see the t's colors and designs.



  8. I would so love a t-shirt, Jess! Make sure you make enough. I think they're going to be a hot seller :)