03 September 2011

This and That

I'm writing this through an endless stream of yawns.

Where'd the day go?
The week?
Where the hell did AUGUST go?

The only thing moving faster than time is . . .
no, wait.
Nothing's moving faster than time.

I've got a little boy up in bed,
talking quietly through his sleep in some language I do not know.
Dog snores warm my feet.
And the cat is mewling in irritated tones at a moth
that slipped in the back door.

Keith is off on a boy's weekend.
{{I don't really know what a boy's weekend is.}}
Something about bonding at the lake over boats and beer?
Or something like that.

Tomorrow I take The Monkey and head for the coast.
Was supposed to go a week ago, but Irene had other plans.
Can't remember the last time my toes felt sand,
nor the last time I was in offshore waters.
I plan to be barefoot and bare-shouldered for the next
48 hours following my arrival.
And Tuesday, once home again,
I hope to be all roses and toast in hue.
Refreshed and ready to go.

And for what?
September might be a measure of insanity.
I looked at my calendar earlier in the week and caught my breath.
Much to do, much to do.

In an effort to get myself a bit more organized-
in trying to plan out an attack of sorts
against this daunting list of mine,
I've made a schedule for this month's shop updates.
There will not be as many as I'd like to have,
but some local events
(we'll get to those)
and some private goals have me arranging my time in blocks
that often do not involve my hammer and torch.

September Shop Updates:

Saturday- 9/10

(and perhaps trickling on into Sunday)

Friday- 9/16

Wednesday- 9/28

and possibly,

Friday- 9-30

These dates are placed around scheduled events here in town,
a small vacation,
and a week to do nothing but complete
the design work for that sewing project I've been
hinting and teasing about since JANUARY.
And you thought I was all talk . . .

I'm also trying to branch out oh-so-slightly
into some production work.
Which means catalog submissions.
Though honestly, I look at silver prices
and start to think to myself,
"Golly that white bronze sure is a pretty metal."

Anyway, as to the shop updates:
previews will be here and on the RR facebook page per usual.
Times won't be listed,
but if I get a wild hair and DO decide to announce a time,
you know me well enough to add at least two hours to that.
Because I'm me, you see, and 3pm really means 5pm
and 5pm really means midnight.
Wait, did I say I was having shop updates in September?
I meant December . . .
Just kidding.


. . . I think I'm getting punchy.

Local happenings!
How rare and strange for me to participate.
Nobody around here even knows what goes on in that little window
above the jewelry store on Main Street.
They may see Wilbur's face pressed against the glass
from time to time (he likes to watch traffic)
but I don't think they know more than that-
just that a little bat-faced bulldog hangs out upstairs.

On September 9th,
I'll have a display and sale set-up for the
Fuquay Varina "Art After Dark" Art Crawl.
I'll be hosted by Heather Allen of Family Optical
from 6-9pm that evening.
504 Broad Street
Fuquay Varina, NC 27526
Hop your tractor and rumble on over, if you'd like.
I hear there'll be food.

October 7th, on First Friday in Raleigh,
I'll be down at Gypsy Jule having a trunk show.
I don't have details for that date right now,
but I'll keep you locals posted.

As for the Etsy shop,
local events mean no shop updates the week before
so that I can build and hoard inventory.
You can expect an unloading of unsold pieces
in the shop starting right after those dates above.
Then updates should resume as they normally do-
in a somewhat haphazard and slapdash fashion.

Somewhere in all of this Septemberliness,
The Monkey starts swim lessons twice a week.
He thinks this is a terrible idea,
being that he isn't fond of getting wet.
My hope is that this weekends trip to the beach
will be a pleasant induction into the world of water
that exists outside of his bath.
We'll see.
Keith travels three times for work in September,
meaning he'll be gone for roughly half of the month.
Work-widowhood is a sad state of affairs sometimes,
but on the other hand-
(the winning hand)
he has a job in this economy,
and it's a job he loves.
Not too many people saying that right now-
at least not around here.
So how can I complain?
And honestly,
what woman nowadays doesn't know how to wear 30 hats?
We do it and do it well . . . don't we, girls?

You bet your asses we do.


Now then.
I have laundry to switch out and a suitcase to pack.
A playlist to burn.
Milk to drink and a
turquoise-and-coral striped pillowcase to drop my head down on.
The cool side,
that's been under a high-set ceiling fan.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Rest and play as hard as you work.
Wishing you well from this sleepy tobacco town.

Sweet dreams,


  1. Comin' to Wilmywood by any chance? Oh,and widowed for work in this economy is truly a blessed state of affairs.
    Wishing you and Monkey a long happy weekend!

  2. i'm exhausted just reading this post. how you will do all of this,i don't know but i sure do admire you. have a wonderful walk on the beach. i'm off to the studio for the weekend.

  3. Well-wishing right back to you! Good luck with everything on your plate!

  4. Fab writing as always. You sure have a busy month ahead!
    One breath at a time, one breath at a time.

    Hope you had a great time at the beach ( and return rested?). Haven't been to the beach in a few years myself.

    Love, always.