10 October 2011

First Friday and a Floral Theme

First Friday in Raleigh was a blast.
Thanks so much to the locals who came out.
I loved hugging your necks.

Gypsy Jule was a most gracious host-
I left with some lovely new fall sweaters
and a beautiful gray whipstitched coat.

I'll have to share those with you sometime.

Leftover pieces will be posted in the shop throughout the week.
I have a lot of photography and writing to do.

It feels and looks like fall more and more everyday.
Which means there are bulbs to get in the ground,
a halloween costume to wrap up (hello there, cowboy)
and some serious cleaning to do before we're shut away for the winter.
Meanwhile, I'm reveling in the breeze coming through the open windows
and the smell of someone barbecuing nearby.
It should be a mellow week-
a nice change from the pace of September.

Is it cold where you are?

Hugs, you.


  1. Hey Jess. The weather is getting cooler, for sure. But thankfully it's lingering on the cusp at the moment. I just got in from dividing a bunch of my bulbs. Cleaning the flower beds out to go another round come spring. I love it.

  2. It's cold and wet here - the sky is leaking like no ones business! It is Canada's thanksgiving this weekend though, so smells of turkey and gravy are wafting all around, which adds instant cozy!

  3. It took a turn to the colder side this week and now the forcasts are talking about below 0 degrees Celsius (32F), so we are going to put our winter tires on our cars this weekend. Oh joy... :/

    Soon we'll be knee deep in snow and all I'll do is shovel, shovel, shovel. (DH's got a bad back.) OHH... but wait.... hehehe... we have a teenager in the house. *evil grin*

    Love the table display. Is it in a shop?

  4. Your work makes me happy! Such great photos.

  5. Uhm, necklace with with the carnelian(?) swingy guy? YES PLEASE.

    It's thinking about rain here. Thinking about mist and fog. Just enough for a 37th cup of tea. MUAH!

  6. It's warm here - about 74 degrees and all the windows are open. I just had a crispy golden delicious apple and am enjoying the thought of wearing my new necklace! I'm happy too!

    Catherine Witherell