14 October 2011

Inspiration Wall & Update

Well hot damn.

Anyone have old suitcases they'd like to send me?
Or tool boxes? Metal bins? Drawers? Chests? Trunks?

As the studio is growing- slowly, mind you, but steadily-
I'm running out of floor space.
But I can still go upwards . . .
hence my loving the notion of a suitcase wall.
Lots of interest. Lots of storage.
Add some old wood, old apothecary labels,
cool fonts.
Organizational heaven for the vintage junkie.

Maybe leave the ones on the top shelves empty . . .
or full of stuff I'd like to forget about.
We'll leave that top shelf for emotional baggage and ex boyfriends.

Anyway . . .
shop update today.

A Swarm the Blue necklace with Turquoise.
Some turquoise earrings- new design.
Bird posts and bird dangles- new design.
And a Sit A Spell Necklace with Citrine and bronze freshwater pearls.

What's on your agenda this week?
The flea market here is closed for the month of October whilst the State Fair rages on-
so I'm shifting to yard sales and thrift stores for to satisfy my clutter craving.
(I don't think there's more than a few things in my house that have been purchased new.)

And we need pumpkins, or else The Monkey will have my head.
Mums need to get in the ground.
I do so love me some mums.
They pop color just as the Zinnias are dying out-
trading places season to season, like clockwork.
Why can't I operate that smoothly?

Back to work.

Happiest of happy Fridays!


  1. I will keep my eyes open for trunks at local antique stores, for real. That wall is heaven!!
    Love you

  2. i had a huge stack of them and my husband, in stealth mode, tossed them. is this grounds for deevorce? i adore that wall so completely. how could he do this to any of us. i would have shipped them to you if it were that or the garbage dump.
    good thing he is behaving nicely right now. otherwise i would put a plan b into action.
    sighing and crying... xow.

  3. I love the look and would recommend not to leave the top shelf empty : )

    I am busy this weekend...just busy but a farmer's market trip is always on the agenda

    updates...yoo hoo

    have a great weekend jj

  4. hey here lovely lady!
    ok...that wall....soooooooooo cooooooooooooool
    excited to see your new designs
    and I too have only a few new things in my home...love the stuff that has gone through others hands first...the story still lingers

    this weekend will consist of a little beautifying of others/ the farmers market/a pumpkin spice latte/a photoshoot (a baby belly yum!)/dinner with friends/writing by the wood stove/hiking with the family.....just a few things on the go lol
    have a good one♥

    Love and Light