02 December 2011

Ear Ornaments

It's been a lovelycrazybusy week here-
tree is in but yet to be lit or decorated.
I've been working on a Christmas gift to send my customers,
giveaway details are in the works,
and I finally, finally caught up on my Etsy feedback.
I just love y'all.

Right now The Monkey is playing at my feet-
and we are rocking out to his favorite Christmas song,
Dominick the Donkey.
The boy cannot stop laughing when this song is playing.

Shop update today!
All earrings-
new styles and old favorites alike.
Next week I'll focus more on rings-
made-to-orders and some new, smaller and more economical designs.

I'll have photos up here in awhile to preview the update.
Generally (though I'm not sure why)
I've been posting more previews to the RR Facebook page lately,
and sooner than I get to the blog,
so stop by there as well if interested in previews.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week.
Happy December!
(Holy crap, it's December . . .)



  1. oh this is too funny!!! haha. thanks for posting.
    enjoy your weekend! xo