13 December 2011

Tonto and a Ticket System

I'm just full of information this evening.
First, the puss has been named.
Tonto, which as an adjective in spanish means "silly man" or "clown."

Here he is sleeping in the studio,
curled up in my mail bag.

{{Go ahead, kiss your computer screen.
I know you want to.}}

* * * * *

And . . . the bigger bit of news.

In thinking about it,
I've decided that I want to do something special
for my customers this month,
as a sort of "thank you" for shopping in my Etsy store.
I know full well how many other talents there are online,
and that there are plenty of other places where you could be choosing to spend your money.

I've devised a sort of raffle for those who make purchases now
through the end of the year-
which makes this a closed contest-
meaning you must make a purchase
to receive entry into the drawing.

Here's how it will work:

I have this huge role of pink tickets.

The tickets come in pairs,
with each half in the pair having
a number that matches its mate.

Every item that is purchased through the end of 2011
will be sent out with a ticket attached.
I'll send the customer the half that says
and I'll keep the half that says
upon which I will write the customer's name.

My ticket halves will be kept in one of my zillion Mason jars,
and shuffled up for a random drawing on January 13th.
(Entries will only be accepted for this particular contest through December- but to ensure that all entries have been
awarded a ticket and allowed time to ship to customers,
the winners will not be announced until mid-January.)

It is up to you as a customer to
hold onto your ticket(s) until then,
when I will draw the winning number.
The winner will get a $50 shop credit
and a Stand Firm Mug.

If this goes well, I'd very much like to make
this drawing a regular monthly contest.
It's a sales tactic, of course,
but it's also is an affordable and genuine attempt on my part
to say how much I appreciate your business . . .
which is why these monthly contests
will be open only to that respective month's customers.

Each month,
the prize will be different.
Maybe a shop credit,
maybe a piece of jewelry,
maybe Wilbur.
{You never know.}

We'll see how this goes and plan for a routine contest
that will be renewed on the 1st day of each month
in the new year, and ending at midnight on the last.
Winners of the previous month's contest will be announced around the middle of the month, again, to make sure all customers have
had time to receive their tickets.
This will be the ongoing pattern.


Since I'm keeping track of tickets and their corresponding names,
I will know if you claim a false win.
Don't be nasty.

The winner will have 24 hours to contact me and claim their prize-
otherwise, I'll draw again and post a new winner.

There is no limit to the number of tickets you can earn-
tickets will be issued by number of items purchased-
not by the number of transactions.
If you purchase two items in one transaction,
you get two tickets.

There is no price requirement for earning a ticket.
Both a $29 pair of Earrings and a $268 necklace
qualify you for the contest entry.

I think that's all.
I am, however, making this up as I go along,
so I reserve the right to make additions or changes
in order to improve this system.

This starts tonight!

(Incidentally, tickets that were photographed in my Mason jar
were for display purposes only and have already been removed.
The jar is empty and ready for entries.)

The next shop update will be on Friday MORNING.
Yes, morning.
I know . . . you're stunned.

Shoot me a note or leave a comment if you have questions.
I'm excited about this and hope you are too!

Now then-
if you'll excuse me . . .
there is a petite fur face that needs my attention.

Goodnight, friends.


  1. you are a nice lady!

    Love and Light

  2. Well, Tonto is nice but I was really hoping for Nic...nice idea Jess for the drawing...thanks and I did kiss the kitty's face : )

  3. Wonderful kitty and great raffle idea! :D